Well, its official. I am not a cat person, i am a kitten person ! Cats freak me out with their claws and eyes but  cute little cat babies playing around with balls of wool i definitely like! Besides i think there is a little kitten in every girl, we are cute and fun to be around  , we can coo and purr at all the right moments, but mess with us and watch our claws come out !!**makes clawing motion with hand **  So lets celebrate our inner kitten-ness with the beauty that is MAC Prrr Lipglass shall we?

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The color
MAC describes this as a soft pinky peach with an icy shimmer, and for once i agree with MAC’s description. It is a semi sheer  soft pink based peach, with some silver shimmer in it, and has a sort of creamy milky effect to it. Its one of those lipglosses that gives your lips a soft peachy tint and is a great color for a range of skintones .Specially for medium toned girls who are looking for a wearable way to wear a soft pinky peach on their lips, this hits the spot!

Peach Heaven with bits of shimmer

The texture & lasting power
In general , MAC Lipglasses are thick and sticky. For a lot of people, this is a pet peeve, and ideally i like my glosses to be non sticky too. But  i have to say the stickiness of Prrr doesnt bother me too much , if anything i think its the stickiness which makes it last longer . On an average this lasts about 3-4 hours on me…for a lip gloss thats a long time. Most lip  glosses last only about an hour on me.

Swatch on lips: Ill try and upload a clearer picture soon!

Overall Verdict: 4/5
Price: Rs 990/-
Will I Repurchase: Yes
Overall Recommendation: MAC Prrr is one if the first MAC Lipglosses i purchased, and it is the kind of color which looks beautiful on medium toned girls like me. It is a semi sheer pink based peach with some shimmer to it, and has a creamy milky effect when applied to the lips.It looks very natural, yet gives your lips a peachy , creamy tint.  It has a texture which you will either hate or be indifferent to, since it is sticky and thick, so that is something you need to think about before purchasing a MAC lipglass

PS: Have you gotten over the post world cup hangover yet? I haven’t. In fact i think im kind of depressed. I feel there is nothing to look forward to anymore ,life returns back to normal,  like there is this void !! :( :( 
PS:Also, today i read in the papers that IPL is starting, and the Pune team has girls in Sarees as their cheerleaders! They will do kathak and bharatnatyam to cheer the boys… Errrrrr….Really? Can you imagine cheerleaders cheering a six with a kathak move? I find it absolutely hilarious.

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