Whenever i see  taxi cab like packaging (Black and Yellow), i think of two things- first that it will match with my phone !! (Yes, till two months back i had a yellow and black phone) .Second,  that the ‘Maybelline Collosal Kitchen’ has been working overtime for a new launch. For the record, i love the Maybelline Collosal Kitchen because the Collosal Volume Mascara is one of my all time favourite mascara’s and can give any high end mascara a run for its money. This time, fresh out of the oven is  Maybelline’s ‘The Collosal Kajal ‘ !

The pocket friendly kajal (Rs 150/-) is intensely black and pigmented, long lasting on your eyes ( 6 hours and just a slight amount of fading), smudge proof,  and comes in a handy twist up mechanism. If you are the kinds who doesnt like  bleeding and smudgy kajal, this may just be your new best friends.

 This is what i liked about the product

  • Intense blackness with one swipe
  • Soft on the eyes, so no pulling or tugging required
  • Completely smudge proof (Look at the swatch where i smudged it with my finger twice- it didnt budge!)
  • Lasts a really really long time!
  • The twist up mechanisms are a favourite of mine as they save the hassle o sharpening, and are easy to carry around without worries of nibs breaking etc.

This is what  i didnt like as much

  • Since this is so smudge proof and long lasting, it is not very easy to take it off with water. It does get off with water but there is pulling and tugging involved. – a huge pet peeve for me. My makeup remover fared better than water but that too didnt take it off in a single swipe, it took two or three. Coconut oil  took it off completely in one swipe, so you might want to look at an oil based cleanser.
Swiped Once
Once it sits in your skin (say 2 min after application ) rubbing it with my finger  twice: Doesnt budge!

Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-

Price: Rs 150/- or 3$

Will I Repurchase: I am not a big kajal person, had i been i would have definitely repurchased

Overall Recommendation: If you like your kajal to be smudge proof, long lasting , intensely black and in a budget then Maybelline Collosal is just the product for you. Its convenient to carry around with the twist up  packaging and soft on the eyes. Just be careful while taking it off, it does throw a bit of a tantrum !

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