Throw out those boring round pans of color ladies (Okay, dont throw them out, just keep them aside) , because blushes this season are SO much more interesting . This season blushes are all about interesting patterns and textures within one pan of color . So while Lancome went the butterfly way, Estee Lauder went with a star fish, MAC stuck to a flower and tarte has..well..some random leaf type patterns on em ! (Please tell me if you figure out what that damned pattern is)

Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush

I dont even care how  this looks on my skin, i just want it cos of that cute little starfish in between. Aimed to be a cross between a bronzer and a blush, this little gem houses a pink glittery starfish in a coral sand colored blush. Combine this with the standard EL gold packaging and ..drrroooollll!!!

Lancome Glowy Ballerina Blush

 I want to put on my tutu , throw on my  dancing shoes and then shine on stage with Lancomes Glowy Ballerina. Gosh! Look at that adorable pink bow, and those beautiful lilac butterflies. It is slightly cool toned, so i dont know how it will show up on my warm medium toned skin, but just look at it. I would just enjoy whipping this out every now and then and make people jealous. Its bee-yoo-tee-ful, i doubt i would touch it if i buy it, dont want to spoil the design….. Sigh. Want. Now
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

Do you remember reading in geography class about the clay of amazonian jungle? No? Well i do. And apparently Tarte does too with all these gorgeous colors made of Amazonian clay!. That entire column on the left, is MADE for me, or for any warm toned girl for that matter. Love. Love. Love. Though..what is that pattern engraved on it? Iv been trying to figure it out forever but it beats me! A road? A leaf? A River?

MAC My Paradise Blush (Surf Baby Collection- Yet to be launched)

When you go and put a champagne gold flower into a bright coral blush, you really are sadistic. Because you very well know that blush fiends across the world will be gasping, aweing, drooling over this cute little pot of amazingness. Coral +Gold = Me weak in the knees ! Cant wait for Surf Baby to be released here…

Dior Blush from The Electric Tropics Collection

I almost feel like this blush is looking up at me snobbily saying ‘Do you deserve me’. In that sleek metallic silver casing and  with gold, peach and beige patterns criss crossing over one another..Dior has created a piece that is wearable, timeless, and luxurious.Come to me blush, ill take care of you!

So what do you think? Still want a regular round pan or are you going to be demanding more from your blush???

Disclaimer: Pictures above from Google Images

Picture of Surf Baby is from

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