Whats your signature photograph move ? Iv noticed every girl has a signature move yknow- either a pout, a pucker, or a smile. Mine is head tilt, breathe in, fake smile..CLICK! Iv also noticed that i have an incessant habit of applying my gloss right before a picture (I want shiny lips!!!!!!!)- hence a lip gloss palette seems to be just the thing for me..right?

Now, there is a thin line between a makeup product that subtly enhances your natural beauty (Yknow, my lips but better) and a makeup product that basically does nothing (Still Just my lips , even with your damn product on)..and unfortunately, the Nyx Lip Gloss Palette in ‘Everyday Naturals’ veers too dangerously close to the latter.

The Colors
The Nyx Lip Gloss Palette in 02- The Naturals houses  5 lip glosses designed for  to be a girls best friend in lip gloss form. There is a shimmery deep apricot, a peachy gold, a bubble gum pink, a deep berry and a brown nude. Sounds great right?? Yeah well…take a look at the swatches below..this is swiped 3-4 times !
Swatched left to right : Yeah, that is what the pigmentation is like 

The Quality & Pigmentation
The pigmentation is so darn weak, i almost scraped to the bottom of the pans trying to get some color!! Okay i understand lip glosses are sheer, but with this kind of pigmentation combined with the waxy texture of these, you might as well rechristen this the ‘Chapstick’ palette or something. The only shade that is pigmented and  pretty is the second from left- a nice light  berry which looks like a natural flush on the lips….as for everything else , its ALL the same !!!!

Thats what all the shades look like on the lips.


Overall Verdict :2/5 or C

Price: 8$ or 400 Rs

Will i repurchase: No

Overall Recommendation: The lip glosses in this palette had poor pigmentation, and a waxy texture . Moreover, they were hard to just come on to the brush, and really did not look half as pretty as they did in the pan. If you want to buy a chapstick in a sleek case,  then go ahead and get this  but otherwise, apart from one particular shade that was quite pretty,  this really did nothing for me.Ill have to go with Diss-able’ ..sorry Nyx Goddess!!

PS: I just had thai red curry with jumbo prawns and rice. Iv died and gone to heaven.

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