There are a few words that i love everything about- one of them is ‘Mint’. I love the way it rolls of your tongue with that sharp click at the end, i love the flavour it brings to chocolates, and i absolutely love the color. Another such word is  ‘Mojito’ – which by the way i cannot say without pronouncing it like ‘Mohheeeeeeeetho’ with the ‘heeeee’ in between being extra high pitched like a squirrel. So when two of my favourite words (one of them also being my favourite drink) come together in nail paint form it is pretty hard to resist!

The actual color is much greener- i just couldnt capture it on camera. The actual color is more reflected in the picture below

The actual color is close to the bottom most green triangle, just slightly lighter. Sorry about the random photograph

Color, Quality etc
Mint Mojito is a minty green apple color – kind of like the one you find on cupcake frostings. Unfortunately as much as i tried , it ended up looking tiffany box blue in the photographs, ugh it was so frustrating !I really need to get a better camera for you guys! I actually hoped it would be more mint-ier than green because thats the color i was going for , but it ended up being more on the green apple side though still very pretty.

I really like the brush too- perfect for application, one stroke on each side and its good. Two coats get you opaque coat just gives you an icky looking green. But it definitely does well on the chipping front, 3 days and no chip till now atleast. Lets give it the one week test and see

Where i bought it from, and did i just buy a fake??
I bought this from GK-1 M Block Market, Delhi – a shop called ‘Kunchals’ which stocks a lot of international brands like benefit , MUFE etc.

Okay so on to the fake part. The thing is i trust this shop so i rarely ever question things i buy from here. But when i got back i noticed that the name of the color ‘Mint Mojito’ was only mentioned on a sticker and not on the actual bottle. Since i dont own any other Orly’s i dont know if thats the norm or not…most pictures online dont show the name displayed on the bottle either…so i am hoping its real but you never know! Let me know if you guys have orly experience!
Price: Rs 350/-

PS: While on the subject , The Hard Rock Cafe makes a killer Mojito. You might also want to check out a super interesting post by debleena on ‘drinks women love’ here

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