Whats the shortest nursery rhyme in the world?
“Ba Ba Black sheep have you any wool?”
Nursery rhyme over.
Okay sorry, very lame joke!! lol ..I am only talking about sheep because the t -shirt i am wearing below is from this cute little startup called ‘Sheepstop’. They make printed t shirts for guys and girls and have a fun website where you can  buy t shirts, design you own t shirt, vote for existing designs and there is even a t shirt casino where you can place bets on t shirts! The one i ordered has this elephant with a little red ant on top. Its called ‘Ant irritation’…HA!

Everyone gets a personalized handwritten note. And there is a baby sheep made on the back of the t shirts. CUTE!
Overall, this is what impressed me about Sheepstop
  • The print on the t shirts can be ironed on. This isnt that sticky, cheap print which gets stuck to the iron. This stays put, its a really good quality print
  • The slim fit t shirts fit really well. The problem i have with tantra and other t shirts is that they dont fit very well to me and are loose!
  • Its a 100% cotton, and is a nice breathable fabric!
  • Order it online, and it comes with a personalized note, and a cute little paper bag, and very quick delivery within 3 days
  • I think these make nice gifts for guys..some of the prints are really hilarious.
  • Design your own tee feature is cool!! So is the whole  casino feature where you bet virtual money on a tee being chosen and then you can win double that amount of money if the t shirt you placed your bet on is the one with the maximum number of bets!! Its a win win situation!
Some of my favourite Sheep stop prints….
Check out the sheepstop site- www.sheepstop.com for many more designs
Overall, this is where i feel Sheepstop can improve
  • Currently,  very very limited designs are available in the slim fit category. All of the tees  shown on the site are available for women in straight fit  but straight fit means the small size for male is equal to the small size for female. Its only in the slim fit category, that there is a special womens size, and only about 7-8 designs are available in the slim fit category.Personally, i would only buy the tee’s in slim fit , but i like the straight fit designs more !! 
  • Nicer colors for womens tee’s please. I wanna see purples, and turquoises and pinks and chartreuses!!
  • I got a little confused with the site early on , because the way the tees are displayed, i thought the ones on male models are only for guys, and ones on female models are only for girls. But actually, everything is available for girls, its just a matter of stright vs slim. 

Price: Rs 450/-

Will I repurchase?  I will definitely buy one for ‘the boy’ ! He loves russell peters and there is one that says ‘Somebody gonna get hurt real bad’

Buy these t shirts online here : www.sheepstop.com

Disclaimer: The tee was provided by PR for review. That hasnt affected my opinion.

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