“If i were a prince, i would be effing bored”. THAT was the reaction of the ‘Boy’ when i was gushing about the upcoming royal wedding to him. Boys. They are stupid ! Ugh.

To me its as juicy and exciting as an Agatha Christie Novel and as romantic as a Fairy Tale . Suspense  because  : Which designer will Kate Middleton wear to the royal wedding? What will her dress be like? . Romantic because..well..come on..its a girl who we can relate to… marrying royalty. Sigh. Thats what fairy tales are made of.

The  Victorian Wedding Gown: Princess Diana
Everybody’s favourite princess- Di wore a 25 ft long train to her wedding gown. It was voluminous, ruffled and very victorian. Kind of like what princess in fairy tales dress like

The Classic & Elegant Wedding Gown: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
I absolutely adore the dress Princess Victoria wore at her wedding. Simple White, off shouldered  showing her delicate collar bone, with a beautiful net veil. Absolutely Stunning. LOVE
The Mature Wedding Gown: Camilla Parker Bowles
Cammilla Parker Bowles chose an age appropriate silver grey gown with a tailored jacket to match. I think she looks rather elegant. What say you?

The Conservative Wedding Gown: Queen Rania of Jordon

Queen Rania wore this white gown with gold detailing to her wedding. Its not my favourite Style honestly but Queen Rania is pretty no matter what she wears

The ‘Grace’ fully Glamorous gown: Her Royal Highness Grace Kelly
You can put grace kelly in a sack and she will still emulate her name:Graceful. I absolutely adore her gown- a lace bodice cinched at the waist and a simple skirt below. Match that with a beautiful veil and hairpiece and its a fairy tale ending

So, what kind of a bride will Kate Middleton Be?

Her Style
Kates style has been classic, and simple with a bit of  fun and color. I like ! At high society events Kate has chosen traditional british designers like Burberry and…even gone for regular brands like Top Shop!! I thinks thats why she has won hearts. A princess who can rock a topshop dress as well as she can an Alexander Mc Queen – thats the kind of princess i wanna be   see..

What will she wear?

Me thinks she is going to choose a british designer, but i doubt its going to be a big powerhouse name honestly. I also dont think she will chose Bruce Oldfield- Lady Di’s wedding dress designer .I think she takes risks in her fashion, and i think she will this time too..lets see though. 

I expect her to wear something classic and elegant, steering clear from big poofy and boufant styles…something simple and timeless maybe with a fun veil thrown in. But i am no fashion blogger, and neither can i make fashion forecasts like ‘libertyoflondongirl’ so lets just put it to rest and see on that day itself. Gosh, its a little embarassing that im this excited. You would think its me getting married!

Hope William and Kate have a ‘Happily Ever After’ just like in the fairytales.

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