Is that curly headed , fresh looking lass Sonakshi Sinha?? OMG she looks like an indian version of Malibu Barbie!!!! Gone is the mature looking heavy makeup, the dark kohl on the eyes, the bright lipstick , all of which made her look over 35 , and its replaced by a fresh face, lots of gorgeous golden sunkissed-ness and sexy beach curls. She looks like she is ready to change into a bikini and hit the beach !!  Oooh..I am loving !

Keep reading for more on Sonakshi’s makeup

Sonakshi Sinha Makeup & Hair
The key to Sonkashi’s makeup look is that flawlessly glowing golden skin topped of with a shimmery blush and bronzer. To achieve such a look, i recommend setting your foundation with MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural. Put your bronzer to good use and contour your cheekbones sharply and dust it on the forehead temples. That blush is gorgeous, i would wear something like MAC Coppertone with MAC Sunbasque to achieve that golden glow look

Her eyes are kept soft but alluring with a soft brown swept across the lid, and a light  peachy white in the inner corner. The lower lash is lined with a soft brown eye pencil, and false lashes add the finishing touched to the very neutral and understated eyes

Her lips have a pale matte pink lipstick on, very similar to MAC Mehr lipsticks

I am loving her in these curls!!! It makes her face look so much slimmer and gives her that whole casual beach vibe. Me thinks the curls need to stay!! I have a rather wide face, like  Sonakshi’s and think that straight hair makes it look wider. I am so happy Sonakshi thinks so too!

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Sonakshi Sinha Outfit
I am not loving the outfit at all.I mean those shorts could  be cute, only if they were shorter, and in a nicer color, and better fitted. Oh okay, only if they were different shorts ! But both the shirt and shorts are extremely ill fitted!! Plus together its looking like a post -(wo)man outfit to me. “Chitti le lo!!!”” And that shrug thingi looks like a snake..eww.

What do you think? Do you like Sonakshi Sinha’s makeup  here? Or do you like her other looks better??

PS: Looks like Yuvraj singh got motivated by Sonakshi’s Gorgeousness here. He just took a sri lankan wicket ! That too a big one!!! GO YUVI GO !! 

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