So heres the thing. I blush really easily, i mean natural oh-i-am-embarassed kind of blush. Its kind of ridiculous really ..because yknow, when i was in school and my friends would tease me with random guys (thats all you do in class ten), ….i would blush each time. I cant help it!! No matter what i try to do, the color just naturally creeps up there like a tell tale sign. And then, friends are like ‘Oooohh yr bluushhhinnnggg..aaahh ooohhh awww’. Its so difficult to explain to teenage giggly girls  that you have a blushing problem, it isnt a sign of anything !! Uff, i had quite a tough time in school :p 

So   i find it quite ironic that i am now obsessed with blushes ! I want to blush all the time!! And since i cannot have giggly teenage girls teasing me 24/7 i rely on these giggly blush friends…say hello to them people they are quite special to me! These are the ones i am wearing a lot in summers- all powder blushes…. a lot of brights, and some bronzey shades in there as well!

#1 : MAC Peaches Blush: Ultimate Summer Blush for me. A True Peach from MAC without any pink in it. Brightens me up and looks great on just about anyone!
Price: Rs 1100/-

#2: MAC Fleur Power Blush: My ‘Pick me up when i am low’ blush. A  pink that instantly adds color and brightness to my face and makes me look all happy and pretty. Not all pinks look good on my skin but this one is  flattering for all skintones ! One of the best pinks out there!
Price: Rs 1100/-

#3: Faces Cosmetics Pink Topaz: My most recent addition – a soft pinky coral  with peach undertones which looks just beautiful on the cheeks , brightens without being out there and obvious. It is subtle … like your cheeks just got a kiss of coral , it lasts ALL DAY  and is super pretty
Price: Rs 325/- (I think, i bought it from fashion and you for 250 bux)

#4: Colorbar Just Earth: It may look dull in the swatch but this is one of my fav blushes, fantastic for contouring and goes on to the cheeks a deep earthy peach.It gives me a very indian girl rustic vibe and really you need to see this on the cheeks to judge it.  Its an almost rust like peach.

Price :Rs 250/-

#5: Lakme Blush in Ginger Surprise: A honeyed golden peach with shimmer in it. Definitely a summer night time blush for those balmy evenings, but a reallly really pretty honey gold  with peach undertones that gives a dewy glowy look. One of Lakme’s nicer blushes !
Price: Rs 425/-

#6: Chambor Cream Blush in Soft Rose: Perfect for that english rose look. I dont know whether this is powder or cream, cos it looks powder but touch it and it feels cream, and then apply it and it feels powder. Whatever it is, its a lovely coral peach… like a more vivid version of  #3 and is perfect for summer brunches!

Price: Rs 450/-
Others that are worth a mention : Colorbar peachy rose (LOVE THIS) but since its similar to Chambor i skipped it , Lakme Earth Rose Trio , MAC Bite of an Apple .

As you can tell, i love peach :p And most of these are peachy blushes.

Which ones your favourite?

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