Did you watch Dexters Laboratory as kids? My brother always thought he was the genius Dexter and i was the annoying older sister Dee Dee. So sometimes, even today when he is on that damn playstation of his ..i hop skip and jump towards him , make a completely retarded face ..and say ‘Oooohh…What does thiiis butttonnn doooo???’  in complete Dee Dee style .Lol. Fun. 

Well, one such day i actually did press one of the buttons on the remote and he ended up losing his game (Yknow, like that is THE most important thing for a teenage guy). So he shouted at me and was like..’Stop irritating me…go and do some stupid green nonsense on your eyes that you keep doing!’ So that is exactly what i did. This girls…is that green nonsense!
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Products Used:
Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks in Glimmer green : Inner corner, and as a base
Lakme Botanical Quad Green Shade: All over lid
Nyx ‘For Brown Eyes’ Pallette Light Emerald Green  : Outer corner and crease
Nyx ‘For Brown Eyes’ Pallette Shimmery Brown: Softly in the Crease

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PS: Moral of the story above : Irritate your younger brothers more. Sometimes when in a mad state, they give you inspirations.

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