So who is your inner naughty girl ? Are you a ‘Mischievous Marissa’  or a ‘Makeout Mary’ ? Or maybe, you are secretly a ‘ Caught in the act Courtney’ !! With names like these for eyeshadows, theBalm Shady Lady  Palette is tailor made to bring out your innner vixen!  So drop those inhibitions girls and embrace your inner ‘Shady Lady’ (I know shes hiding in you somewhere! ) Forget about the eyeshadows, i am  having fun just reading the names of this pallette! Gosh, its genius !

Bottom Triangle- Click to enlarge
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The Shades (From Top Row to Bottom Row , Left to Right)
Caught in the act Courtney: A shimmery deep brown. Nice for crease or as an all over smokey eye
Fiesty felicia: An absolutely stunning blackened deep purple with shimmer
Insane Jane:A taupe silver shimmer. Nice for night time bling!
Bossy Bobbi:A peacock blue with a pearlescent finish
Makeout Mary: A jewelled green with a gold quality to it. Love this , looks so great on brown eyes.
Just this one Jamie:A pale pearly lilac
Mischievous Marissa: A peachy apricot. Love this, i am partial to peach
Temoting Tara: An almost matte white.
Devlish Danielle: A creame champagne color

Middle Row

Top Row
Bottom Row
The Quality & Pigmentation

 TheBalm Shady Lady Palette houses 9 shades in total- each of them are vibrant, and intensely pigmented with buttery textures and minimal fallout. The colors are mostly with a pearl finish, with a few of them bieng shimmery, a couple of almost- mattes. The colors are absolutely gorgeous for pretty much all skintones, but specially on warmer complexions, the deep greens, and inky blues, soft peaches and deep purples work exceptionally well!

A Super Simple Look i Did – Tutorial for this coming soon
Overall Verdict : 5/5 or A+
(Yes, FULL marks!!)

Will I repurchase: This will last me forever, but i definitely want more theBalm products!!!

Price: Rs 1744/ ( or 35$) – on Strawberry net (Given that this has 9 eyeshadows, thats a decent deal!)

Other variants: Shady Lady Vol 3 is already out, this is the older one but its still available

Overall Recommendation: This is a cracker of a palette, with each of the colors being intensely pigmented and with soft , buttery textures. Unlike palettes which stick to one color theme and can sometimes become restrictive, this palette has a whole host of shades from blues to greens to peaches. The colors work well together,  are extremely flattering on my skintone , come with super fun names and a very useful wide mirror- so perfect for travelling too !. In short, if you want a good high quality eyeshadow palette without breaking the wont be dissapointed with Shady Lady!

PS: Nivedita, if yr reading this..i promise ill review the brush super soon too !!!

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