Okay girls , for a change instead of me writing about my experiences, i need some help from all your experiences. I look at advertisements on tv- there is a young twenty something Soha Ali Khan promoting Olay Total Effects and talking about the 7 signs of Ageing.There are even younger looking models promoting the ponds youth serum and there are girls all across india (including me) wondering when the hell is it appropriate to start using anti ageing products..

  • I just recently turned 24. The only ‘anti ageing’ product in my makeup routine is my Pond age miracle Tinted Moisturizer, and i only bought it because i wanted a tinted moisturizer..i didnt even notice it had some ageing thing mentioned!
  • I dont use a night cream, or any Olay total effects kind of cream, do i need to start using a night cream?
  • Do i also need to start using an eye cream? Gel? Something?
  • What about Youth Serums? Are these substitutable for night creams? I have heard such good things about the ponds gold radiance youth serum, do i need to use these along with night creams?

So here is my basic question: Is a recently turned 24 yr old girl too young to start on anti ageing?

 If i start off so young, will all these products on my face  end up harming me rather than benefiting me?

All you twenty something girls- what creams/ night creams/ moisturizers do you use? Or do you not use any???  HELPPP!!! 

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