I have a secret i haven’t told you guys. See..secretly, i am a Panda. No seriously…. i really am…give me 5 hours of sleep , wake me up , and you will see two huge black patches on each eye which  believe me look cute ONLY on a Panda ! I dont knw what it is, i get enough sleep, i eat healthy but no matter what those dark dark patches dont go away. Anyway , if you cant get rid of em..hide em right!!! Thats why concealers are my best friend!!

WARNING: Unflattering pictures ahead . Dont tell me i didnt warn ya!

Contender #1
 MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer
Price: Rs 1050/-

The Good:
  • Nice consistency- not too thick , not too runny
  • Easy to apply. I usually dab the wand on the back of my hand and then apply with my ring finger
  • Medium to Good Coverage. Covers up 90% of my dark circle
  • Does not dry out your under eye area

The Bad:

  • Does not last very long. 3 hours later, i see it begins to fade :(

Overall Verdict : 3.5/5 or B+

Left: Without Concealer, Right With Concealer

Contender #2 :
Inglot Under Eye Concealer
Price: Rs 700/-
The good:
  • Great  Coverage- Covers up all of my dark circles
  • The color is perfect- just enough of yellow in it for my skin tone.
  • Very Moisturizing
  • Does NOT settle into lines
  • Affordable
  • Lasts a long time

The Bad:

  • Because the consistency is so thin and runny and dries quickly, Its  very difficult to apply and takes time getting used to, otherwise it looks patchy and uneven. Fingers just dont work. You will have to use a concealer brush, either dry or damp . For newbies, this is not the best concealer to start off with
Overall Verdict : 4.5 /5 or A (Only IF you get the application right)


Contender # 3
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer
Price: Rs 1100/-
The good:
  • Extremely high coverage- Covers up all my dark circles very easily, one of the reasons i used to be in love with this.
  • Lasts the whole day without budging!

The bad:

  • Texture is just too thick, and when it dries it kind of dries your under eye area as well
  • Settles into lines very easily and exaggerates those under eye lines. Whenever i wear this people ask me why iv developed so many fine lines under my eye
Overall Verdict : 3/5 or B


Contender #4
MAC Select Cover Up Concealer 
(No pictures because i dont own it currently, have used it in the past)
Price: Rs 1000/-

The good:

  • Perfect consistency- its like a cream consistency thats easy to smear on your finger and apply
  • Medium  to good Coverage- gives me 90-95% coverage of my dark circles
  • Doesnt feel heavy on your eyes since the texture is light
  • Lasts a long time

The Bad:

  • I just cant find a match for my skin. NW30 or 35 is way too dark and corally, NC 42 is too light and ashy. In terms of  everything else this is a great concealer, but i cant use it because the color is all wrong! Its strange because i can find a match in the other MAC Concealers, but this one the colors seem really different.
Overall Verdict : 4/5 or A- (Just that i cant use it cos of the color mismatch)


Since i am an analyst by profession, i thought this excel sheet might help:

MAC Moisture Cover : 3.5/5 or B+
Inglot Under Eye:         4.5/5 or A
MAC Studio Sculpt:        3/5 or B
MAC Select Cover Up:  4/5 or A-

I cant tell you which concealer is best for you since everyone has a different need (Hence the excel sheet!!!)  For me the most important things are coverage, moisture, color match  and ease of application. I get the first 3 from Inglot but the last one is a pain. Though Select Cover Up Delivers  on most fronts, i just cannot get a color match and hence cant use it.  If i had to recommend one though, it would be one of these two above.

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