My mother is every sales assistants dream come true. Two reasons. First- if she likes something, she HAS to buy it at that minute , without checking out other options. Her reasoning- well it will get sold out and then you will lose out on it. Erm NO Mom. Nothing will happen in half an hour of roaming around the mall. Second- she falls very easily for lines like  ‘Maam this will give you a sunkissed golden glow – Skin Chamkegi appki (Your skin will sparkle)’. Case in point- The Body Shop Brilliance Powder!

Body Shop Claims:

“Just push the button and the Brilliance Powder is in the brush. A lightweight sparkle powder with shimmering pearls that provides a natural-looking sun-kissed finish for the face and body. Available in a shimmer or matte finish. Dermatologically tested”

The Powder is a  crushed bronze powder with tiny sparkles. It has a brush at one end to dust on to your skin , and a little push buttom on the other end. The thing is- no matter how much powder you dust out..all you get is glitter. Pretty glitter for sure, but just tiny sparkles of golden specks which have no bronze color to it! I absolutely cannot put this on my face (Disco ball syndrome!), i can consider dusting it on my shoulders etc while going out at night, but really at the price this retails , getting a handful of pretty golden sparkles is just not worth it. I can go to the craftstore and get the same effect right?

Overall Verdict: 1/5 or D

Will i Repurchase: Hell NO. I’ll make sure the mother of mine stays far away from it too!

Price: Rs 1050/- (I think!- its in excess of 1000 for sure)
Recommendation: I cannot really find any reason why one should spend this much money for basically pretty golden sparkles in a glass tube. Its definitely not a bronzer, there is just no bronzeness or color in there plus i cannot use this on the face at all given the amount of glitter in it. The only way this works is  is as a body shimmer, and even at that its no sunkissed look that it claims

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