When i was 16, i went on  a student exchange programme to a school in UK for about a month . I stayed with a British family, ate Fish & Chips and Shepherds Pie , enjoyed the cool rainy weather that Londoners cursed, and shopped to my hearts content on Oxford Street (Oh, and yeah..attended the school too) . At 16, i could not have cared less about makeup. Apart from some basic lip balm (which i only bought because it had Betty & Veronica on the packaging), i knew very very little. 

It was at that time in Blue Water Mall in London that i first set foot inside Body Shop! Coincidentally, the owner of the particular Body Shop store in question was an Indian , and she got wayyyy excited when she saw 14 indian girls enter the shop at one time. It was quite cute, she made us sit and answer questions like
 ‘What Salwar Kameez styles are hot in India currently? ‘ or
‘ Is it true Shah Rukh Khan is causing problems between Kajol & Ajay Devgan?’ (I swear, she asked us this)

Anyhow, after the question answer round was over, the lady gave us all cute little sample bottles of the Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain ! What did i do with mine ? Saw it, said ‘ewwww red’  and tossed it away (obviously i didnt do this infront of her).

Well, i was subconsciously smacking my 16 yr old self some weeks back because i went and picked up the very same Lip and Cheek Stain from Body Shop at full price. Oh well, you learn !

What is the Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain?

This dual-purpose stain gives lips and cheeks a healthy-looking glow with one wash of color, or builds up for a richer, deeper coverage. A great base for lip products. Its moisturizing formulation helps to condition the skin. Dermatologically tested.

The color- Rose Pink
When wet,  Rose Pink is a deep raspberry magenta which is just semi sheer. Once spread and dry, it transforms into a sheerer light rose pink. Its a neutral pink when dried, with just a raspberry undertone to it so it looks good on almost any skin.
As a Cheek Stain
  • It gives a translucent rose pink color to your cheeks which is a gorgeous natural flush. I absolutely love the finish it gives. Feels like i havent got anything on!
  • It is surprisingly blendable and non streaky on the cheeks. I apply a few dots and blend with my fingers
  • The only downside to it is that it doesn’t last very long on the cheeks. Stays put for 4 hours and then you see some fading
As a Lip Stain
  • This one requires a bit of work, because you need to find the amount that looks good on you. Put too much, and the stained color is a little too deep and red! That color isn’t very flattering on me I just like a few dabs and spread it out for a very soft tint.
  • I feel its kind of drying on my lips after a while. Specially if you purse your lips, you will notice the lines forming on top of the tint
  • As a lip stain, it lasts a really long time and i can see fairer girls really carrying this off with ease
Unblended Swatch
Blended Swatch
Overall Verdict : 4/5 or A- 

Price: Rs 575/-

Would I repurchase: One is enough thank you, i would wanna try some stains from other brands though

Also Available in : There is a peachy shimmery one which will be nice for a cheek stain

Recommendation: TBS Lip  &Cheek Stain gives a soft focused , diffused color to your cheek and lips. On your lips, the color comes out much more pigmented and deeper but gives that ‘i just ate a strawberry’ look . Personally for me, its a color thats too dark for my lips and its slightly drying , but i can imagine fairer girls carrying this off with ease. That said, i really like the stained finish it gives, and i absolutely love it on the cheeks. For the cheeks i think it works for just about anyone- the translucent quality makes it look like you have just come back from the gym with that post exercise flush, and it blends really easily too. I would love to see Body Shop come up with more colors!

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