I have decided i am investing in a good camera! Nothing as fancy as a DSLR, but something under 20k ..yknow something that will make all my makeup look pretty and shiny and clear! Any recommendationa are more than welcome. Anyhow, till i save up some money for my new gadget, i thought i should put my current one to good use by showing you guys two cute little round blush pans from the Body Shop . I really think they deserve more love than they usually seem to get !

My thoughts on Body Shop Blushes
Body Shop Blushes , are available in six beautiful shades that are usually  light and semi sheer on the first stroke.. Thats not necessarily a bad thing for a blush, as the color is buildable to highly pigmented level – just that you will have to swipe it a couple of times. The powder is finely milled and blending is a breeze. They dont have a particularly great lasting power- i would say just about 4 hours.

Blush #02- Raspberry Pink:
Raspberry Pink is a soft baby pink with some obvious lilac undertones.The color looks cool toned, but it works on both kinds of complexions and is specially pretty for fair to medium skintones. I can imagine a Katrina Kaif/ Kareena Kapoor carrying this off with ease! 
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Blush #05- Tea Rose
Tea Rose is an earthy peach color- actually very similar to MAC Peaches. Its the kind of warm terracotta color i love (specially in smmers) and this one can be carried off by pretty much everyone. Right from the Anushka Sharma’s to the Bipasha Basu’s !
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Look how pretty those are swatched on skin!

Overall Verdict :3.5/5 or B+

Would I repurchase: I want one called Apricot Shimmer

Price: Rs 450/-

Overall Verdict: Body shop Blushes come in a range of flattering colors that give buildable,  pigmented color on your cheeks, but are usually light in the first swipe .  They are easy to blend,  finely milled and look great on a range of skin tones. They dont last very long, which is very annoying, since otherwise they are really cute little pans to have in your stash!

PS: I woke up way too early today and  im in a super grumpy mood. The only thing that made me laugh was the ‘Y U NO’ tweets in the morning 

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