Sonam Kapoor went the Jean Paul Galtier way at Cannes, accessorizing her white  dress with Chopard earrings, and an Amrapali Ring. What do i feel about her dress ? I feel two reactions- from the front-  i kinda love it…futuristic looking and fashion forward, expected from Sonam who always takes risks from fashion that pay off. From the back though…dont exactly love it. Its a bit lampshadish.

What kills the dress: That hump in the back with the net skirt around!!!

I just feel it could have been a great dress minus the hump and the net…just the silhouette inside and that one shoulder gauzey net thing from the front combined with that space futuristic element would have been so  so brilliant!! 

Sonam Hair & Makeup
The L’oreal Dream team matched her futuristic looking dress with a smokey eye and nude lip combination and slicked back hair. She wore a peach blush- you can try MAC Peaches, and a nude almost matte kind of lipstick- Try Maybelline Color Sensational in Totally Toffee. I like the intense eyes and nude lip,  and i LOVE the peach blush. The eyes were a dark smokey golden bronze – im waiting for clearer pictures.!! The L’oreal team is kind of overdoing the bronzer bit in my opinion..while bronzer looks great and makes a warm picture sometimes it just takes the freshness away!!!

What do you think of Sonam? Do you love it? Or do you love it from the front, but not so much from the back (like me)? Do you not like it at all?

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