I dont know whether Mallika can be classified into Bollywood (Considering the last movie i remember of her was Hisss…and that was a movie that im sure neither of the ‘woods’ want to own up to), but for this posts sake lets pretend she is a bollywood actress okay. So yeah, three bollywood actresses walked the red carpet at Cannes …which ones were your favourite?

Minisha Lamba: Flaunting an Indian Designer !

First of all, big props to Minisha for choosing an Indian Designer and that too while choosing a gown. Gauri and Nainika would have been my choice for Indian designers too had i wanted a gown for Cannes, and i think Minisha looks absolutely lovely in this nude embellished gown. The hair, the minimal accessories that lovely lace patch going over her shoulder and that full skirt at the bottom really look good on her body type according to me!

Aishwarya Rai : 3 days, 3 outfits
Day 1 outfit

While i think Ash’s Day 1 outfit itself was lovely- Elie Saab is one of my favourites, i just dont think that the cut did any justice to her body shape. It just ended up looking kind of boxy and unflattering , and i much prefer Ash when her shoulders are not bare.

On Day 2, Ash flaunted a much better cut Armani Prive Dress. This dress definitely fit better specially from waist down, it gave her such a slimming effect, and i like the color blocking on the dress as well as that futuristic looking tube top. I like but i dont love. 
Day 3 Outfit!
On day 3, Ash knocked it out of the park! My favourite look of hers till now at Cannes. I LOVE the color on her, i love the little ruffles, the cinching on the waist. It all ties up beautifully for such a casual chic look!
Mallika Sherawat: Errr…

This dress is just so Mallika. Sheer- check, Lace- check, shiny and busy ¬†with garments showing from underneath- check! Mallika looks a bit like Cat woman on the red carpet …i for the life of me cannot understand why a woman with an amazingly fit body like hers would want to dress the way she does. Even the bottom of the garment looks unfinished and a bit trashy!

PS: I am so looking forward to seeing Sonam Kapoor walk down the carpet today (and Frieda Pinto as well..she is a bit of a hit or a miss)

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