Its not a gloss, not yet a lipstick ..its something in between and im kinda liking it ! The Bourjois Lip Cream (Similar to Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream) applies wet like a gloss but dries to a matte pigmented finish like a lipstick. It is very comfortable and moisturizing to wear and kind of combines the best of the lip gloss and lip stick world!

Rose Veloute- The Color
Rose Velour is a neutral  nude peachy brown  shade (The rose velout color has changed over the last year- the older rose velout was a neutral pink- this one is more of a peach) Its a peach with some caramel undertones. Its a really lovely color if you are fond of peaches, and it can be toned up with a gloss for darker skin tones or toned down for cooler skintones. On me it looks like the perfect peach nude- i can wear this alone with smokey eyes or under a gloss for a brighter lip!!

Also, the thing is when you swatch these in the store they give you old testers, but the formulation and color has actually changed over the last year. So the tester in the store was an old formula and color but was still called rose veloute and was a slightly different color than the one i got home.

This is the lowdown on Bourjois Lip Creams:

The good:

  • It is very pigmented so girls with darker lips will enjoy this
  • It is very moisturizing and comfortable to wear. It does not dry out my lips at all
  • It settles down into a nice finish-like a matte lipstick and i  like how the end result looks on my lips- like a stained look almost
  • It combines the best of the gloss and lipstick world- moisturizing, light, and smooth to apply like a gloss but pigmented like a lipstick.
  • It does last a decent amount of time 

The bad:

  • It transfers onto things VERY easily. If you are planning to meet your boyfriend for dinner, chances are this is going to end up on his umm… shirt collar. This is a huge pain point for me, because even though it looks dry and matte it still remains wet so it keeps leaving stains wherever your lips touch. Like i wore this and then tried on some clothes. All of my clothes got stained
  • I dont like the color selection that much- there is a very nice peach one, and a deep fuschia one but apart from that it is kind of limited. There are about 6 shades in total to choose from and i wish they got more !!!

Swatched with Flash
With a gloss on top

With flash- With just the lip cream

Overall Verdict: 4 /5 or A-

Will I repurchase: If i like another shade

Price: Rs 575/-

Recommendation: The Bourjois Lip Creams dry to a matte stained finish like a lipstick and are very moisturizing and comfortable to wear. The formula is pigmented and light, long lasting and can be worn alone for a matte look or under a gloss for a little bit of perkiness. Its kind of is the best of lip gloss and lipstick world and i really like the formula!. This color looks like the perfect peach nude on me when worn alone, but under a gloss it makes for a warm natural lip .The only thing that is really irritating about this is how highly transferable they are and end up being everywhere – on your clothes, tissues etc. I also really wish they expanded the color selection

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