I walked into Clnique the other day, looking for an appropriate gift for my mom. ‘The mother’ has an extremely problematic eye area-  very sensitive and itches easily, puffiness, bags ..the works (I can see my future…eeks!) When the SA heard this she quickly got this little tube out, holding it almost like a weapon of mass distruction. ‘This’..she said, her voice dropping to a whisper ‘is the answer to all your problems’. (I almost wanted to ask her…will it solve my long distance relationship problem too?). She shoved it into my palm hastily, and almost pushed me to the bill counter whispering in my ear  ‘ It will make all your puffiness go away’. It was all quite eerie- i felt i was at Hogwartz, just having bought my first magic wand!

Clinique says that massaging the tip of the rollerball  increases blood flow and reduces built-up fluids while moisturizing the skin. It also contains caffeine and antioxidants which are supposed to be the enemies of puffiness !!

My thoughts
Overall, the Under Eye Roll on Serum thingie feels really refreshing and soothing on the skin. Even on my mother, whose eyes start itching even with the mildest most hypo-allergenic thing, this just felt cooling and relaxing without irritation.

I usually dont fall for these serum kind of things, but i have to say this kind of works! After three days of regular use, my mom got a ton of comments saying that her face looked refreshed and her eyes looked fresher . (She obviously just put it down to better sleeep- she is the forever cynic when it comes to makeup). The puffiness definitely seemes slightly lesser and depressed (you can see the subtle effect of this almost instantly), the under eye area felt moisturized, but it didnt do any magic on the dark circles. Its been two weeks since we used this but dark circles seem somewhat the same.

It does all this without a feeling of tightness to the under eye area, infact the thing feels so nice on the area that it becomes kind of addictive. Every morning i see my mother wakeup and roll this little thing under her eye much to the amusement of the men in our house ( Who have gotten used to the crazy things women do to look good- the expression on their face when they first saw my eyelash curler was priceless!)

Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-

Would i Repurchase: The price tag makes me shudder so i might not.

Price: 1600/-

Overall Recommendation: on: If you are someone with problematic eye areas and specially puffiness then the Clinique All About Eyes Serum is a welcome, soothing relief to your eyes which makes them feel refreshed as well as reduces the puffiness. The effect is almost instataneous and subtle but the effect is there , and if nothing else it feels really good on your eyes . Its no magic wand (no makeup product is, but its something that does work) .It doesnt do much for dark circles honestly, and i feel like it is really way too expensive.

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