If you are wondering what my post title is all about, I’ll tell you in just a little bit. But for now i know why they call certain Nail Salons – ‘Nail Bars’. Its because they serve Green Apple Martini’s like the one below and Mint Mojitos like these ! Drink up ladies, you will definitely find a color to quench your thirst !


Colorbar’s Green Apple Martini is a gorgeous emerald green. Its a typical Colorbar nail polish – good quality, slightly glossy sheen, doesn’t chip as easily as others (The minor chipping you see is after 3 and a half days of wear). Such a FUN color to flaunt in the summers! I think Colorbar is like India’s version of OPI (okay it’s nowhere near the number of colors and finishes OPI has but still) ..atleast its adventurous and brings out fun colors. I am so sick of seeing those pearly pinks, and frosted pales everywhere else

Explanation about the title of my post

If you want to know to what heights people can get obsessed  with makeup, listen to this .

My sister sent me a bbm saying : “OMG i love green apple martini nail polish so much, I feel it brings out the ‘curves’ of my hands” . Errr…curves of your hand??? Does a hand have curvess????  Certified mad girl she is. Two minutes later her bbm status changed to ‘Green Apple Martini -You warm vanilla Sugar’. 
When i asked her what sense that made, she said it was because the color gave her a warm fuzzy feeling inside like vanilla sugar and honey. Oh lord. Save me.  Haha- Love her to bits, she is like 24/7 entertainment !

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