Tiffany Box Blue. Mint Ice Cream’s Green. Pale Pink of Sugared Candies. Lavenders and Creams found in Marshmallows .Those are the kind of colors that come to my mind when i think of ‘Pastels’. Okay so i am hungry and thats why all the references to food (This is after hogging on roasted chicken!), but you get the point. 

Unfortunately for me, these are not colors that look too nice on me and mostly end up looking chalky and white, but i wanted to throw in a bit of fun for spring so i used Maybelline’s Sea Shore Frost Quad from their Perfect Pastels Collection and came up with this look. Unfortunately as much as i tried, the photographs washed the colors out and made em look flat (Happens with pastels!) But if you look closely you can see the blue and the pink and the purple. No? Oh well. Forget it.

Im aware the black liner has been applied very messily. Pardon Please!

To get the look:
Shade 1 all over eyelid and inner 1/4th   of lid
Shade 2 all over eyelid
Shade 3 in crease
Shade 4 as eyeliner on lower lash line

PS: I am having a bit of a concealer emergency. I have been wearing Inglots Under Eye Concealer for months and have been loving it but i think its giving me little bumps under the eye (EEEEEKS !) . MAC Studio Sculpt is too thick and settles down into lines under my eyes and makes me look aged. Im going concealer hunting this weekend. MAC Select Moisture Cover may be it but recommendations are more than welcome.

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