I suspect there is a ghost on my blog who wants  dewy looking makeup very badly. Im not being delusional, i have a logical explanation to it ! See, when i put that poll on the right hand side ..in the first 2 days, all the categories had an equal number of votes. I tweeted about how unhelpful that was, and then …2 hours later the skin tutorial went ahead by a huuuuge margin!! Thats not all, the votes on the other categories actually reduced from 9 each to like 5 each or something (How does that happpen unless there are supernatural forces around???????) Anyway, i dont want to get on to the wrong side of spookie stuff yknow … so here goes…

Thats me at my cousins wedding. Example of glowy makeup !

Step 1: Just Moisturizer.
Thats me with no makeup on! Okay i concealed *SOME* of the dark circles cos i didnt want to scare you guys
Step 2: Liquid Foundation (Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation)

A few quick points:
  • Using a foundation brush makes a HUGE difference . It just helps foundation blend seamlessy into the skin .
  • I dab on foundation at the back of my hand , dip in my kabuki and then apply all over face. Dont forget to apply on your neck or yll be multicolored, and on areas lik eyelids, upper lip etc
After Foundation
Step 3: Concealer (MAC Select Moisture Cover)

Areas where you need to apply concealer(specially Indian women)
  • Around your mouth- a lot of us have discoloration around here.
  • Part where your nose meets your face(if that makes sense). Might seem inconsequential, but conceal that and see instantly your face looks clearer.
  • Under the eyes- use your ring finger and dab it on. Dont rub or stretch, make your finger wet for easier application. 
  • Around the eye area- another place where indian women have major discoloration

After Concealer
Step 3 : Highlighter (Colorbar Radiant Glow Highlighter Pen)
Areas where you need to put highlighter are the highest points on your face:
  • Apples of cheeks extending till hairline
  • If you have a fat nose , then down the bridge of your nose makes it look slimmer
  • The brow bone makes for an arched eyebrow
  • The bow of your lip- gives an illusion of a fuller pout
  • Basically , if you face the sun and think of where the sunlight would hit you directly- thats where highlighter need to go.
After Highlighter
Step 4: Cream Blush(Add to the dewy! – MAC Lilicent)
Dab on the cream blush just below the highlighter
  • Cream blushes add to the wet dewy effect of highlighters .
  • Use a brush or finger to blend
  • Your cream blush should blend seamlessly into your highlighter which should seamlessly blend into your foundation. Use a brush to blend it all together
  • Think of these 3 as one makeup product all mixed together. They should all flow into each other to create a glowing dewy illusion.
The dewy look
Step 5:  If you have oily skin- then apply powder(leave your cheeks out though). For normal or dry skin, you can skip the powder. I skip it. Apply the rest of your makeup
Step 6: If all else fails. Just shoot with the ‘soft skin’ mode of your camera :p !!!  (or how my boss says -slather on lots of sunscreen to make your face shiny :p – no dont listen to that! )

Hope that helped girls. Now go ‘Do the Dew!’ 

(Btw the drink whose tagline this is…is so unappetizing ..it just looks like..well never mind)

PS:Do check out Lisa Elridges makeup videos. I love her philosophy on makeup and learn tons of stuff from her. She has a dewy skin makeup tutorial which i learnt a lot from.

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