Do you guys remember that Mango ‘AamSutra’ Ad?  The one with Katrina Kaif licking the last drop of mango drink from the bottle. Everytime i changed the channel when that ad came , my brother would tell me ‘STOPPP!..Dammnit you made me miss that last drop!!!’ . Thats the kind of effect Katrina Kaif has on guys !! Me, well..i think she is pretty but i havent seen her really push the boundaries – its always the same yknow, pretty , sweet and pink. Not this time though…this time Katrina is all edgy and sultry with a classic black smokey eye and a soft nude lip.

Katrina Kaif’s Makeup : Get the look!
Start with your favourite foundation and concealer  and top it off with a powder for a semi matter look. Apply a brown eyeshadow all over your lid and on the lower lash line as well. Take a black gel liner like Maybelline Gel Liner/ MAC Black Track and place it on the top of your lid and smudge it slightly on the outer corner. Use the liner to line your lower lash line thickly on the outer corner and thinner as y go inward. For your lips choose a nude lipstick like MAC Hug Me. If all this doesnt work then the final step definitely will- Photoshop!! ;)

I dont particularly love the styling, maybe its those huge gold buttons on the wrong area, but i think it could have been slightly classier
Do you like the Edgy Katrina for a change ??

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