Whats up with products these days? Highlighters are not called highlighters, but all over shimmer glosses. Scrubs are called Skin Polishers, and  creams are called ‘Micro Eemulsions’. Jeez. Marketing Gurus really have been keeping busy trying to think of innovative names!  Whatever you call this little tub from Lakme, it is basically a cream highlighter !! Did it live up to my very high standards of expectation from Highlighters. Lets find out….

Thats how tiny the tub is

The Highlighter looks a slightly unnapetizing yellow in the pan, but once on the skin its like a multicolored rainbow sheen with a silvery pink undertone. I had great expectation from this since it was a relief from all the other chunky glittery highlighters we get in the market .The consistency of the cream is like a soft mousse gel. Sounds great right.Yes, but its not.

Why its not that great

First of all, the texture is really greasy. So much so, that after i apply it with my fingers, i need to wash my hands to get the greasy buttery texture off my hands. Even AFTER washing, i felt like my fingers were oily.

Secondly, after about 3-4 minutes on skin, it basically settles into a greasy film on the skin. The color just dissapears, but the shine remains . I just dont find the shine to be very flattering. See for yourself..

On Application, you get a silvery pink rainbow colored sheen . Left: Unbended. Right: Blended.

After about 4 minutes on skin- it  settles into this slightly shiny looking film
Mixed with Foundation
The consistency of this, and the finish (not glitter but sheen), made it the perfect candidate to be mixed with foundation. The problem- once again the texture was so greasy that my face felt sticky and oily all over once i applied it. And, i have dry skin, i cant even imagine someone with oily skin wearing it. Moreover it did definitely give me an all over glow but im not sure it was the kind of glow i like ! It was more of a shiny glow rather than a dewy soft glow you know!

Alone as a highlighter
When applied in small amounts on the apple of your cheeks, initially it gives a really pretty pearly effect. But once again that pearlyness doesn’t last as long, and settles into shiny ness. Its a pity really , because this was a highlighter which had sheen and not glitter- just how i like my highlighters to be. But unfortunately it just didnt work the way its supposed to.

As an Eyeshadow (The Sales Girl Told me i could use it like this)
NO. Its just WRONG. No further comments.

Using it as a body highlighter
This is the only area in which this may work as to give you a shine to your shoulder and legs when you are going to part-ayyy. But, if its meant to be a body highlighter why give me this tiny tub which will basically finish in 4 applications? Dont get it.

Overall Verdict: 2.5/5 or B-

Will I Repurchase : NO

Price: Rs 325/-

Recommendation: The Lakme All Over Shimmer Gloss is a highlighter with a mousse like gel consistency , which has a rainbow multicolored sheen to it. The problem with this is that the texture is so greasy, it just feels oily and buttery between your fingers even after washing !. Upon application, it looks pretty but after sitting on the skin for 5 minutes it settles into this shiny looking film. Whether you call this shine ‘glow’ or ‘oilyness’ is your personal perception. But to me, it just wasnt a flattering shine, it looked more like my face had become greasy rather than dewy or glowy, and it felt greasy and sticky too ! I may use this on my shoulders and stuff when going out at  night (MAY being the keyword), but i dont think ill be using it on my face honestly!

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