If purple is your favourite color, then you might want to save every penny for Lancome’s new collection- because its like Lavender Paradise!

Press Note:
What could be more emblematic of 70’s spirit than a palette of LAVENDER HUES? Interpreted by Aaron De Mey, the era’s star shade is unveiled in a new light; as FRESH, ethereal and natural as it is INTENSE and resolutely SOPHISTICATED.

The DUALITY of our heroines and this pivotal moment in time is reflected by infinite variations of lavender HARMONIES, in both warm and cool tones contrasted with GOLD AND SILVER SHIMMER for a hint of Disco glamour. A palette of tender pinks adds the finishing touch, for Flower Power style… DELICIOUSLY 70’s.

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Ombre Absolue Minérale Eyeshadow Palette
The quintessence of the 70’s SPIRIT captured in MINERAL eyeshadows, a perfect marriage between GENTLE and LONG-WEAR shades.
Aaron De Mey interprets BLUE LAVENDER in 1 harmony: a cold monochrome lifted by a GOLDEN nuance.

Color Fever Gloss Natural Origin
A revolution: Color Fever Gloss becomes more NATURAL. Lancôme’s laboratories have succeeded in creating a HIGH-SHINE TEXTURE using 96% natural-origin ingredients. The true heart of this sumptuous formula is concentrate of SWEET ALMOND OIL, which leaves lips feeling soothed and HYDRATED.
They appear PLUMPED, their natural curves more sublime than ever. As for the fragrance… enchanting notes of LAVENDER; all 100% natural, of course.
Aaron De Mey has interpreted this formula in THREE DELICIOUSLY 70’S SHADES: allowing the lavender-lipped DISCO QUEEN to transform effortlessly into a DISCO GLAMOUR, adorned with a nude rose shade.

383 I Beige Ballerine
384 I Rose Ballerine
385 I Lavande Ballerine

  Crayon Khôl Naturel

94% natural-origin ingredients in a GENTLE pencil? An incredible feat achieved
by the new Crayon Khôl Naturel, which also treats the fragile eye area with care.
This season Aaron De Mey has created two eye pencil shades: a delicate “ULTRA-LAVANDE”, and also a pink-blushed ivory twist on white kohl, to subtly brighten eyes.

Ink Artliner

Emblematic of Aaron De Mey’s Lancôme collections, this creamy, CALLIGRAPHIC-PRECISION, long-wear EYE LINER is available in the collection’s signature colour, Lavender blue.
Aaron De Mey’s expert advice:
For professional, high-precision results, apply Ink Artliner using an eyebrow brush.

La Base Dewy Glow
Aaron De Mey can’t live without this SKINCARE MIST, which he uses
to BRIGHTEN and ILLUMINATE the complexion. Formulated using 100%
ORIGIN ingredients (mainly essential oils with antioxidant properties),
La Base Dewy Glow can be applied either before or after make-up. Before he begins work, like a painter preparing his canvas, Aaron De Mey sprays a fine mist over
the face to SOFTEN, MOISTURISE and SMOOTH fine lines. To round off,
he mists over foundation to enliven make-up, blur any powdered effects and create
a dazzlingly natural glow-infused look.
La Base Dewy Glow can be slipped into your bag to QUENCH skin and REFRESH
make-up at any point in the day. Its uplifting botanical fragrance is perfect to invigorate the senses as well as skin…

 Le French Touch Absolu Lipstick

In 1953 Lancôme’s “Les Miroirs” was born. A GEM OF A LIPSTICK, crafted from precious metals by artisan jewellers. Today, Lancôme launches the latest French Touch Absolu, a PRECIOUS lipstick that revisits this EMBLEM OF LANCÔME’S HERITAGE, adding a twist of 70’s spirit.
The inspiration: THE ICONIC, MIRRORED DISCO BALL, reinterpreted in a blend of gold and silver… A metaphor for the multi-faceted woman Aaron De Mey pays homage to with this season’s collection.
Le French Touch Absolu is available in three shades inspired by the undisputed queen of flowers: the Rose… Three ECO-CHIC SHADES, ranging from the most sophisticated raspberry pink to the most delicate petal pink.

                                                                     308 I Lily Rose

310 I Daisy Rose
312 I Berry Rose
Le Vernis (Nail Polishes)

Aaron De Mey predicts this season’s nail look will be DISCO MANICURE;
lacquered choreography that delicately tips nails. The LAVENDER shade coats
the entire surface of the nail, while the silver tint emphasises tips to dress hands
in DISCO style. A duo of accessible mini eco-disco polishes. This season’s IT-SHADES Lavender and Silver are captured in the new Le Vernis bottle. An ULTRA-GLOSSY and long-lasting Lancôme formula.
Aaron De Mey’s expert advice:
To capture light right to the tips of your nails, apply the Lavender shade over the whole nail surface and then use Disco Silver to dance over and embellish nail tips.

359 I Lavande
004 I Disco Silver

 I am eyeing the eyeshadow quad, the liner, and the nailpolishes. Oh well, im eyeing everything !! I love lavender!

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