Its not always a great idea to match your makeup with your dress, but Lara Datta’s soft purple peepers complemented her eggplant colored jumpsuit to perfection!! The girl is definitely not afraid to play with color! While i am not really sure about the rest of the makeup (too pinky and purply), and the foundation isn’t doing her too much good, i do think its yay for the eyes!
To get Lara’s Purple Eyes:

1. Start with a shimmery light lavender color as an all over base, specially focus this on your inner corner

2. Layer a deeper satin finished purple on top if your entire lid.

3. On the outer corner take a soft brown and blend it.

4. Make a semi cat eye by keeping your eye liner very thick and full towards the outer conrer and thin in the inner corner.

5. On the bottom lash line take a deep brown/charcoal eye pencil and line your eyes. Below this, take a thin brush and put some of the purple eyeshadow just below it.

6. Finish with a lot of false lashes

What do you think? Yay or Nay?

For me, yay for the eyes, rest im not so sure about…If you want to know more about jumpsuit look that Lara is sporting – head over to FCUK!

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