All i knew about Gorilla’s were that they beat their chest and ate bananas. But Lush have put them in a whole new light for me – taking out a range of perfumes called Gorilla Perfumes.I have no idea why  they did this considering Gorilla’s dont really smell that nice, but as i read more about them and saw their bottles it kind of grew on me. Im wearing a Gorilla perfume, Let me go spray some Gorilla on me, Honey can you smell the Gorilla im wearing?  …**beats chest**

Press Note
So, Have you smelt a perfume and been transported to a rose garden? Has any perfume reminded you of the familiar whiff of spices at the Old Delhi station or did you know that an Italian dance inspired just one amongst the many fragrance from LUSH newest launches.

Hooting up the high-end lifestyle fragrance market in India, eco-friendly cosmetic brand Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, announces the launch of its newest innovation – Gorilla Perfumes.
Targeted at anyone who likes to indulge, the Gorilla perfumes are a premium product whose price ranges between Rs 570 and Rs 5,300. For a 10 gm solid stick the price starts at Rs 570 going up to Rs 1,260. Likewise, for a 10 ml the price starts at Rs 1135 going up to Rs 2,530 while a 30 ml bottle will start Rs 2,530 and go up to Rs 5,300, said Lush India Director Sangeeta Kamath. Needless to say these perfumes are 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals.
Each perfume has drawn its inspiration from experience around the globe. The newest range include:

Carnal and sexy, this fragrance is extremely provocative, sensual and erotic.  It practically bowls you over.  This is the one to wear if you want to get lucky ladies.  It’s about unadulterated lust.
Lust contains pure jasmine absolute, making it an exotic and heady fragrance. Sensual, provocative, wanton … this is the perfume to wear if you want to seduce or be seduced.  It will help you throw caution to the wind, give in to your desires and loose yourself in the moment.   This perfume also draws it inspiration from the teenage soul in every girl – carefree and whimsical!
Contains Jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, vanilla, sandalwood.
Perfume Bottle (30 gm) Rs 2530
Atomiser (10 gm) Rs 1135
Solid Stick Rs 570

If there’s one great experience when you’re in the Mediterranean, it is orange blossom. You’re cycling along and suddenly you’ll get a big waft of orange blossom.  It’s Heaven on Earth!  No wonder it lifts the soul.  It’s just absolutely perfect.
Orange Blossom starts with a fresh floral orange, neroli and bergamot blend for a fresh blast of the orange groves. This one is for those who absolutely love oranges.
Contains Orange blossom, neroli, rosewood, ylang ylang, sandalwood, beeswax.
Perfume bottle (30 gm) Rs 2900
Atomizer (10 gm) Rs 1390
Solid stick (12 gm) Rs 700

On a night out in Italy, LUSH perfumers Simon and Mark danced to the famous tuca tuca dance. This fabulously catchy Italian song and dance inspired the fragrance.
 Tuca Tuca means ‘touch me’ and it represents the fun and flirtatious girl inside us all. She’s whimsical, carefree and when the sun shines just right she can go from being sweet to sensual with the bat of an eyelash. Tuca Tuca is the epitome of how fast your heart races when your eyes meet the boy you’ve got a crush on!
Contains violet, cassie absolute, vanilla, ylang ylang and vetivert.
Perfume Bottle (30 gm) Rs 2900
Atomiser (10 gm) Rs 1390
Solid stick (12 gm) Rs 695

This perfume takes its inspiration from the incense, cedarwood, and sandalwood smell in the Tibetan temples. Breath of God is a divine perfume of two halves, the light, refreshing notes of Inhale and the smoky contemplation of Exhale.
LUSH perfumer Simon created a masculine, musky fragrance and he also made a lighter, floral feminine fragrance with lemon, melon and neroli for a ‘breath of fresh air’ – and then mixed them together. The (happy) end result was Breath of God!
Contains Neroli, sandalwood, musk, rose, jasmine
Perfume Bottle (30 gm) Rs 4035
Atomiser (10 gm) Rs 1895
Soild Stick (12 gm) 885

Smell of Freedom tells the stories of three inspirational people Lush perfumer Simon met around the world.  They all have shared experiences of hardship and have come through the other side.  The common factor was freedom.   This fragrance is a portrait of their struggle, their strength, their hope and their unwavering determination. Simon created this fragrance as a triptych portrait; it has three layers depicting each journey taken by the person in their search for freedom.  They merge together in the end to form the complete fragrance: The Smell of Freedom
This exquisite fragrance opens with a lemon myrtle and lemongrass accord, which is part of the Fire Tree Aboriginal part consisting of fire tree oil and Australian sandalwood.  It then moves into the spicy Old Delhi Station mix of clove, ginger and jasmine inspired by the train journey to meet the Tibetan monk.  Finally there is a sophisticated dry down to sandalwood, oudh and orris. This blend is a potent Arabic accord and provides the strong heart of the perfume inspired after meeting Sami al Hadj.
Contains: lemongrass, lemon myrtle, neroli, jasmine, ginger, fire tree, clove, black pepper, sandalwood, oudh, orris.
Perfume Bottle (30 gm) Rs 4035
Atomiser (10 gm) Rs 1895
Solid Stick (12 gm) Rs 885

Shakespeare might have written a sonnet. LUSH perfumer Simon created this. Simon always loved roses. Ever since his first visit to Turkey to see the rose harvest he has been inextricably linked to the Damascus rose.  Rose soon became a firm favourite.  This perfume is dedicated to his beautiful baby girl, who inspired him to name the perfume after her – Imogen Rose.
The fragrance is both fresh and floral – a true representation of the Damascus Rose – and that it’s a suitable monument to new fathers and the baby girls they love very much.
Contains rose oil, rose absolute, basil, bergamot, vetivert, ambrette seed, tonka, orris.
Perfume Bottle (30 gm) Rs 5300
Atomiser (10 gm) Rs 2530
Solid Stick (12 gm) Rs 1260

For the Men- The ‘Dirty’ Range

Introducing the new men’s range from the Gorilla Perfumers at Lush, Dirty.  Dirty is for men who care about their appearance but can’t be bothered with too much paraphernalia in the mornings.  It takes the idea of layering to a whole new level – the complete fragrance is broken down to its individual components, each of which is a beautiful perfume in its entirety, which are then used in each product in the range.  So once all the products have been used during a morning grooming routine all the necessary bits will have been combined to make the actual fragrance.   
Main notes: Spearmint or fresh mint, tarragon, thyme, oak moss, lavender, sandalwood, neroli.
The range:
Toothy Tabs (Rs 275 for a box of 10 tabs) … a brand new, patent pending idea from Lush to save hundreds of toothpaste tubes heading to landfill – these solid tabs save the need for packaging and preservatives.  Crush in your mouth and brush as normal with your toothbrush and enjoy the fresh, minty hit with a hint of oranges … a Dirty Toothy Tab will guarantee oral pleasure!  The sodium bicarbonate will clean teeth while the cream of tartar works to whiten them and spearmint freshens breath.  Use before bed to help you get fresh in the bedroom!
Spring Wash Shower Gel (Rs 530 for 100g / Rs 1015 for 250g) … a skin softening and skin tingling shower gel for the body and hair.  Sodium Bicarbonate works to soften the water and deodorise the skin, while the spearmint and fine sea salt will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised … like you’ve showered in a mountain spring!
Shaving Cream (Rs 615 for 100g) … 5 o’clock shadow is so passé … shave it off using our ultra-softening oats and benzoin shaving cream.  There’s also plenty of moisturising shea butter, lavender and honey to soothe any irritations/redness and calm sore skin.  It’ll cover a multitude of chins.
Hair Styling Cream (Rs 740 for 100g) … refresh your barnet with this new, firm holding styling product.  Made with fair trade coconut oil, linseed gel and balm herb infusion to condition the hair whilst holding its style, there’s also cocoa butter and illipe butter to soften.  Lightly scented with sandalwood and pine oil, your hair will look and smell great.
Body Spray (Rs 1500) … an alternative to deodorant, the Dirty body spray is for spritzing under the arms for a freshen up instead of using the odd squirt of cologne.  The skin under the arm is very delicate and needs an inert product, so this is ideal.  Sandalwood oil, lavender absolute, neroli oil and thyme all blend to form the unmistakable Dirty scent, this is for the man who likes to just spray and go!

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