You know how sometimes after a bad fight, all you need is a hug? Maybe if your boy doesn’t understand that,  you can shove this lipstick into his face and say *Hint Hint * (Though given my experience with boys, they would still draw a blank face. ).For me, most times when i want a nude lipstick that doesnt wash me out, looks pretty and  still classy and understated, ALL i need is Hug Me. Its my ever dependable nude lipstick best friend. I dont want to hug it, i want to give it full blown,  nude lipped kiss. Muah!

Mac Hug Me Color
MAC Hug me is  a flesh toned nude pink. I think the reason it works as such a beautiful nude for all skintones is because its not just concealer in a lipstick tube. Its not beige blah! It has the perfect amount of  neutral pink, warm caramel and beiged peach in it to look like a nude lipstick that still has character and looks soft and pretty.
Its the kind of color that look fantastic on all skin tones. On warmer and medium skintones it really is the perfect nude. Does not wash you out, just sucks out the color from your lips the slightest bit to give you that polished nude lip feel. On lighter skintones, its more of a soft neutral  pink nude , but extremely pretty!. 

General Thoughts on MAC Lustre Finishes 
Lustre finishes are very lightweight and comfortable to wear on your lips with a glistening shine to them. They are semi sheer, and though i wont call them moisturizing, they dont dry out your lips either. I like them simply because the finish they give- they glisten just the right amount, and are available in a huge variety of shades! However, if you do have pigmented lips, then you might want to check out the other mac fornula’s .

Overall Verdict : 4.5/5 or A

Would i Repurchase: Wont need to.

Price: Rs 990/-

Recommendation: If you are a  girl who has been looking for that perfect nude lipstick for a long time, MAC Hug me will definitely not dissapoint you. It is a nude that still looks pretty and polished, and doesn’t make you look dead like a lot of other nude lipsticks do on medium skin. Its a flattering color for pretty much anybody- cool or warm, light or dark. I cant think of a skintone that wont be able to carry it off. The only reason i dock some marks from it is because lustres dont last as long on me!

PS: If you are a letchy guy who got here from Google searching for ‘nudes’, please leave. 

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