If you are a regular at Delhi’s Select City Walk, you may spot this tiny counter right just near the lush shop. It is promoted by none other than our very own Blossom Kochar’ and is a  line of color cosmetics called: Makeup Designory . I swatched some of the eyeshadows and really liked the texture. I wish they had more finishes to them because currently they are all in the matte, satin kind of finish. I got some close ups for you guys…Keep Reading..

The Eyeshadows

I really wish they had a better display. When you look at eyeshadows with all the colors just mixing together, and fingerprints and stuff , it just doesnt give off a very nice vibe.   The actual shadows seemed quite pigmented and silky to touch though.

The Blushes

I was looking forward to spotting some cream blushes (We all know how difficult it is to find a good cream blush in India), but i didnt spot any. The colors of the blushes are really lovely and will look good on so many Indian skin tones. Soft Peach & Glow were my favourite !

Price Information

Individual Eyeshadows are for Rs 600/- and you can buy a palette of four at about Rs 2400/- which includes the empty palette cost. Im not too sure about the blushes i think they were in the same range as the eyeshadows about 600-700. 
I think these brands that start out should definitely price themselves cheaper to begin with, 600 for an eyeshadow is definitely on the higher side.

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