I know i am making my brushes sound like a Panda in the title, but please bear with me .(I am a bit hungover from  KungFu Panda 2 , saw that movie yesterday. It is SO Adorable you guys, must watch it !!)  Yes, so coming back to the brushes , this is one of the most requested posts of all time! I am not surprised given the fact that we hardly get any affordable good quality brushes in India. Its all really irritating. So hopefully, this should help all of you on the hunt for good quality makeup brushes

The King Panda : Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki

The F80 Flat Top Kabuki from Sigma, is the fluffiest , softest thing to have grazed my face. It is perfect for all those kind of makeup products that you want blended into your skin for a smooth flawless finish. So stuff like Liquid Foundations, Cream Blushes, Liquid Highlighters..
This just blends everything in so nicely, that it looks like an extension of your natural skin. I never used to believe in brushes to apply foundation with, but this changed that entire perception. I now bow down to this Kind Panda.

Price: 16$
Where to buy from: The Sigma Website

The Panda’s Sidekicks – Tigress, Monkey and Crane: QVS Face Brushes!

QVS Brushes are affordable and easily available in New U Stores across the country. Some of the brushes they make are really good quality, others not so much..but overall they definitely are value for your buck!

The QVS Fluffy Round Blending Brush

To be used  for Powder Blushes , or any other kind of Powders that you want on your face. The reason i like this is because the brush is the perfect size- the bristles are large enough to give you a diffused blush on you cheeks, and its really comfortable to hold. The bad part: The bristles aren’t that soft…they are slightly scratchy. Nothing i cant handle though, and very worth the money

QVS Flat Foundation Brush
The flat QVS Paint Brush is perfect for liquid foundations. I used this one till i got my King Panda! The bristles are really soft, and it makes for really easy application of foundation. Again- very worth the money!

I am a concealer junkie , and specially with thin runny concealers like Inglot- you really need a concealer brush. This one is the perfect size for the under eye area, and soft and gentle enough to be used on that area.

(I am undediced as to which one of these should be called Tiger , Monkey or Crane at the moment)
Price: Range between Rs 200-Rs 400

Where to by QVS Brushes: New U Stores

The Panda’s Loyal Supporters: Eyeshadow Brushes from Everywhere!

1: Maybelline Gel Liner Brush – You get this free with the gel liner, and honestly its one of my favourite brushes for gel liners, or for inner corners of eyeshadow, small areas like that . Perfect size and thickness of the bristles.
Price: It comes with the Maybelline Gel Liner
2. Body Shop Eyeshadow Blending Brush: LOVE this one. Its a large fluffy brush which makes blending a breeze. It almost looks too large when you look at it but once you start using it you will realise how perfectly it works to blend your eyeshadow together and to create a diffused blended look. The Body Shop actually makes some of the best brushes around and they dont break the bank either.
Price: Rs 495/-
3. Estee Lauder Angled Blending Brush: I got this as a gift a long time ago and it was at the back of my closet for years.Its a great brush to use for blending the crease area out. The angled shape makes it perfect for pulling up the crease till the brow bone, and the fluffiness makes it really easy. Its the brush i always reach out to when my crease looks too harsh.

4.Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush: One of the best budget brushes for patting on eyeshadow on to your eyelid. It picks up the color well, and your colors look vibrant when applied on to your lid. Its also thick and fluffy so for quick blending its useful too, but mostly its great for patting on to your lids.

Where to buy : Big Bazaar (Surprisingly, faces counters dont stock these )
Price: Rs 95/-
5.theBalm Shady Lady Brush: I dont really know why i have this brush honestly, because one angled blending brush is more than enough. But i do use this to place colors into the crease area sometimes. I dont think you blend with this because its not fluffy, its flat …so that kind of restricts its usage. Also, i dont like using this for patting on color over my eyelid either because of its angled shape. So the only way you can use this is to put color in the outer corner or crease.The quality in itself is really good though.
 Price: Rs 325/-
Where to buy: www.strawberrynet.com
6. Vega Eyeshadow Brush: Flat brush used for patting in color on your eyelids. It has no volume and is so thin that it doesnt pick up color very well, but sometimes when my other brushes are not available (read : dirty, or borrowed). 
Where to buy: Local Shops across India
Price: Rs 40/-

How I wash these:
Soaked in  Olive Oil + Shampoo + Water . Ideally, should be washed as often as your hair. (Ideally!..i know we all get lazy!)

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