Why is my summer bag grey , and not turquoise or hot pink to complement the season? A story shall follow.. But for now…Its here, its here !!! My summer ‘It’ bag !! A stone grey Balenciaga inspired ‘Motorcycle  Handbag’ with rose gold detailing (LOVE the rose gold!) . I waited long enough for it to be delivered to me (You know, India- Customs office…the Aunties who love to open pretty things , and gossip amongst themselves about it..Grr. ).

Yes, i havent even removed the plastic on the handles

The rose gold detailing i love so much!
So first of all, why is it grey?
See, when i was going to buy this bag, i was super confused- there was a black, a gorgeous peachy salmon color, and this grey one. Quite honestly, grey was my least favourite. Black was eliminated cos i own wayy too many black bags, and then there was the difficult decision between Salmon and Grey. Salmon was bee-yoo-tee-ful, but restrictive in color, grey was lesser pretty but more wearable. I was so confused i even contacted my blogger friend (Classy & Fab from Phd in Fashion) to ask for an opinion. She said Salmon, i said yay i agree ! . And then i politely ignored her opinion and bought the grey one. (Lol Sorrrryy!). I couldnt help it, i didnt have a choice. My mom looked at the computer screen and said, “I have to give you a delayed birthday gift anyway, ill just buy you this bag. Ill pay for it”. Then she looked at the salmon one and said “If you buy THAT i am NOT paying for it. What is this peachy pink nonsense.NO. If i buy, then its ONLY Grey”. Sigh. Mothers. 

Price: In excess of 3000/-
Where i bought it from: From the Repuclic of Chic Blog shop here . Ruhi, is a style blogger herself (those who are in the fashion blog circles would know her well!) and owns this store which has amazzzing bags . Do check them out!

The Gadgets : Gadget #1 New Camera
In other news, i bought a new camera. Some of the recent pictures in my posts have been clicked by it. Nothing fancy like a DSLR, but a cute little Sony HX7V. Suits my purpose, im a beginner photographer anyway. I like some of the cool features i can do with it like Sweep Panorama and background defocus. I keep ‘defocussing’ everything. Haha. I clicked my mom and defocussed her face. She was not happy. No  No.

Price: Rs 15000/-

How i Spent my Saturday
Today was a glorious Saturday in Delhi. The weather was ‘purrrfect’. Slightly Rainy, cool breeze, and supremely romantic. I spent this amazingly romantic day walking around DLF Promenade with my….mother !!! Gosh i dont have a life ! This is a little cafe called ‘Delhi ka Dill’ in Ambience Mall, CK. Cutesy Kitsch Interiors but just about okay food. Cheap though.

Haha Look at those boards!!!

Gadget #2: Im a blackberry boy..err..babe
Yes okay, i have crossed over to the dark side and bought a black berry. All my friends have one, all my family has one. They keep discussing things in front of me that were discussed on BBM and i feel left out and pout in the corner. So i finally bought one, and i am very in the ‘Ooooh what does thiiiiis buttton dooo ‘ phase right now. In fact thats my BBM status !

PS: I love the smiley’s on my blackberry. they are so fun. My favourite one is ‘Talk to the hand’ smiley.I  wish i could walk around in real life saying *Talk to the hand *

PS: If you didnt like my bag *Talk to the hand * (No no kidding, tell me even if you hated it!)

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