Revlon Colorburst in Rosy Nude
There was a time where every lip product with the word ‘Nude’ in it caught my attention. The result: Stocking up on a whole lot of things which were quite unnecessary , but nice to have. One of these is the Revlon Colorburst in Rosy Nude. I dont know which skin tone can possibly call this a nude honestly. To me its a classic pinky brown lipstick- the  natural ‘My Lips But Better’ kind of shades.

General Thoughts on the Colorburst range:
I am actually quite fond of this particular range from Revlon. Priced at Rs 550/- they are creamy and pigmented, but light on the lips . They dont cake and give just the right kind of finish- sheer enough to look classy and pigmented enough to look like a lipstick .  They last a decent time and the classy black quilted packaging definitely gets a thumbs up from me. They dont exactly moisturize my lips but i wouldnt call it drying either. My only pain point with these is the tip is made in this squarish kind of cut, which makes for application that gets kind of messy! 

The actual color is  browner than the swatch

The Color
Rosy Nude is a pinky- brown lipstick with warm rust undertones which is a nice everyday color for medium to dark skintones.  On me, i have to kind of layer it on a bit for it to show , but thats more because its such an exact match for my lips , not because it lacks in the pigmentation department. I can imagine this color looking slightly dark and muddy on very light  skintones though (If you are a light skin tone who has worn this, tell me if you liked it in the comment below) . 


Overall Verdict : 3.5/5 or B+

Would I repurchase: Definitely Repurchasing other colors from this range.

Price: Rs 550/-

Overall Verdict: ‘Revlon Colorburst’ is one of the best drugstore ranges out there as they are creamy and pigmented without feeling cakey or heavy . Rosy Nude is a pinky brown color with some rust undertones which  is a great everyday color on medium to dark skin tones  . I wish that the tip was made like a regular pointed lipstick for ease of application , and as a personal preference i like my lipsticks to have a more of a pinker color than the brown undertones this one has. 

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