Yes, i know that the poll on the right has maximum votes for the dewy glowing skin tutorial, ithats coming really really soon!! ..But for now lets go with the first runner up in the poll- a smokey eye tutorial ! Smokey eyes are not something im very good at honestly, most of the times i just end up making a huge mess around my eye with them and it looks like iv beeen in a boxing match. But when i combine softer colors like peach in a smokey eye, it seems to work much better. So here goes:

Step1 :  Prime your lids and apply Peach Eyeshadow all over your lid.  In the Centre of your lid, pat some gold eyeshadow to intensify the color of the peach .Leave a little  area in the centre closest to your lashes empty . 

Step 2 :Take shimmery grey or black or deep plum eyeshadow and place it in that little empty area near the lashes.Im using a deep plum eyeshadow from my shady lady palette
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Step 3 : Also place this in the outer corner like a ‘<‘ sign

Step 4: Blend the grey/ black eyeshadow softly. Dont blend too much or else your Peach eyeshadow will look dirty and muddy

Step 5: Apply Eyeliner

Step 6: Apply kajal, mascara and admire yourself.

Products used:
  • Inglot Eye Makeup Base as Primer
  • Peach Eyeshadow from Balm Shady Lady Palette
  • Gold Eyeshadow from Inglot
  • Deep Plum Eyeshadow from theBalm Shady Lady Palette
  • Lakme 9 to 5 Eyeliner
  • Clinique Quickliner
  • Maybelline  Collosal Volume Mascara

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