When you are a beauty blogger, you often spend endless amounts of time and energy asking stupid questions to your sister like ‘What would be your perfect MAC Quad- Which eyeshadows would you get’  ..and then make comments like ‘Oh yes , that eyeshadow suits your personality so much! ‘ ( I do think makeup has personality okay, im not crazy!) This  Neutral Eyeshadow Quad of mine is an *almost perfect* MAC quad for me. (I would change Sketch to Mulch, and find some space to fit in Sable and Expensive Pink- only that would make it a hexa-uad ..whats a sixer of eyeshadows called?)

My beloved MAC Neutrals Quad contains four of the below eyeshadows

1. MAC Woodwinked : The most gorgeous golden bronze eyeshadow . It is SUCH a flattering color for brown eyes and indian skin, or even green eyes actually. For me, its a MAC Must have along with Expensive Pink..Its just a very warm color and is the most pigmented shade out of all the three. Is great as an all over lid color for a bronzey look or as an outer corner color for a neutral everyday look. I love how buttery and silky it feels when you apply it!
2. MAC Satin Taupe: Satin Taupe is a taupey grey eyeshadow which is one of the few greys that actually looks good on my skin tone and not ashy! Its a very warm toned grey, and looks great either as an all over lid color, or in the crease/ outer corner eyeshadow.

3. MAC Sketch : A brown with purple undertones. Is not a matte eyeshadow but the texture and look of it is matte. Its nice as a lid color, but its not one of the smoothest or buttery colors to apply. I have to kind of struggle to blend this slightly, but nevertheless its really pretty and unique.  The purple undertone to the brown makes it much more interesting than just a boring brown
4. All That Glitters: Its not gold! Its a peachy beige color with some sheen to it. I am partial to everything peach (Have you not read the title of my blog) ans this is one of my favourite MAC Eyeshadows out there. Its just a very pretty lid color that looks nice and shows up on light and dark skin tones


 A lot of people find neutrals boring but i can have endless amounts of neutral eyeshadows. I just think they are the easiest to wear without going wrong, and each of them have such a unique character to them! 

If you had to build a MAC Neutral Quad, which eyeshadows would you pick?

PS: I did click a tutorial for the above look for those interested, let me know and i shall put it up soon!

PS : Blogger was down the whole day, and it was so damn frustrating…it made me realize my unhealthy obsession with  my blog.

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