Call it stereotyping, but Hair Color is something i often associate with different personalities. For eg : Girls with poker straight ironed hair and blonde highlights were the ‘GK-1 M Block types’ (Its a market in delhi), Girls with a few streaks here and there of red, or sometimes even purple were the ‘Bohemian Types’ and then there were the ‘Experimentative types’ – those who changed their hair color pretty much every 2 months (Esha- if you are reading this, you used to fall in this type :p) . Which ‘Type’ did i fall into? Neither! Iv never colored my hair. So when Wella Kolestint sent me a pack of hair color, i thought it was the perfect time to start….except my dermatologist gave me a strict no :(  . I have a lot of hair issues iv been battling with, and the doctor ruled out hair color completely :( . Anyway, my mom did use Wella, and here is what she had to say !
I didnt kill the packet- It just came like this!

Wella Kolestint in 04- Dark Brown on ‘Mommy’

Thats my moms hair- Look at the ends to notice the color

The box contains: A pair of gloves, A tube of Color Creme, A Bottle of Cream Developer, An After Color Intense Shine Treatment , and a pre color treatment with almond extract.

This is what ‘Mommy’ liked about Wella:

1)The fact that the kit included everything from a pre color treatment to a conditioner (And she really liked the conditioner a lot !)

2) My mom is allergic to almost EVERYTHING!. But this didnt give her any allergy

3) It made her hair shiny

4) Her Hair didnt feel ultra rough or brittle after the color.

This is what ‘Mommy’ did not like about Wella:

1) It gave her much  subtler color than other brands give . (Which basically means Wella’s colors are darker…so she suggests , go for a lighter shade than usual in Wella if you are already a dark haired girl. In the future she would probably get medium brown)
Point to note:
For hair that is shoulder length or an inch or two beneath your shoulders, one box is good enough…any longer than that…go with two.
Overall Verdict : 3.5/5  or B+

Will She Repurchase: Yes she might

Price: Rs 515/- (I think)

Recommendation: Wella did a decent job of coloring hair, and was  easy to use with all the instructions provided. The Kit contains everything right from a pre color treatment to a conditioner (and the conditoner is really nice!). The only drawback is Wella Colors are darker than expected, so they look very subtle on black or dark hair..they probably work much better on lighter hair.

Disclaimer: Product provided by PR for consideration. That has not affected my opinion

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