Add Oomph to your Products with Dermalogica Skin Renewal Boosters!!

by mehak on June 29, 2011

in New Launches, Skincare

This one , has to be one of the most interesting of Dermalogica’s recent product releases. A ‘Skin Renewal’ Booster that can be mixed into your moisturizer or other products (I am thinking foundation) , that provides an extra ‘boost’ to the skin – hydrating it, getting rid of rough patches and making sure it looks supple and nourished!

As with all Dermalogica products, it is not exactly cheap at Rs 3465/- for 30 ml, but skin is something i feel you should splurge on as you get older. I dont know whether Dermalogica offers samples in their store but this is something that i would definitely want to try out !!

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