Its back! The Best & Worst Dressed Edition!! Last Month was a bit of a mixed bag. While the usual stylista’s did not dissapoint, some of the girls got it totally , horrendously wrong. Tell me what you think!
The Best Dressed

Dia Mirza- floral, flirty and fab. I love the easy flow of the printed shirt, and the tan across body satchel along with that chunky gold necklace. Love it !!

Shahzan Padamsee keeps it simple and pretty with a petal – ruffled white skirt and a basic black tank. I love the way this girl does her makeup too. Only Complaint- lets see you in something other than a cute short dress!!!

Okay i might get some flak for putting this under best dressed, but i am a bit of a fan of lace saree’s  …i want them in all colors. I happen to really like the black against lavender contrast
Malaika Arora Khan looks every bit the yummy mummy she is (How does she do it?)  The Nautical themed shift dress, and those shoes with those uber cool sunglasses. All very chic!
The Worst Dressed

“Wheeeeee !!! I love  Rhinestones and glitter !! I put it everywhere  see?.. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!! ” ..Sigh..someone give me sunglasses. Im blinded by the bling.
I Yawned five times looking at the picture. Unflattering color, and totally boring outfit!
Looks Like Sonakshi has been in her daddy’s closet!! What is with that knotted checked shirt? The eighties want it back!!. And Sonakshi…it really isn’t wise to go all Blue from head to toe you know.

Namaste Jee. I seemed to be have lost the fabric on my shoulders.. Maybe the owl ate it up…

PS: All pictures from . I dont claim any ownership

PS: These posts are not to be taken seriously, and are meant in just a playful light. The only reason we even discuss these people are because they are all extremely talented , so please dont take anything i say here to heart…

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