When you are new to concoctions like eye creams,  you often enter a store and feel completely out of place .That is kind of what happened when i entered Body Shop. I thought i would see one eye cream and buy it . Job Done.

But they had four different types of eye creams..sigh. Sometimes variety is a bane. I eliminated one since it said it was meant for ‘Over 40’ , and then faced with the choice of 3 creams i had no clue about, i took out the ultimate decision making tool …..The *Inky Pinky Ponkey* . Yes, i  Inky Pinky Ponkeyed my choice and the last Ponkey came on this little squeezy tube, and thus i got it home.

What Body Shop Claims
“A moisturizing eye cream that helps protect the delicate skin around the eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Contains moisturizing shea butter and rose hip oil.”

My experience with Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream 
Given my limited experience with Eye Creams, i dont even know whether i am qualified to review this thing, but here goes anyway
  • It is  super moisturizing for sure. If you have a super dry under eye area, you will  be happy to get that instant moisture boost
  • It is light and thin so not heavy for your eyes
  • It just does not absorb into the skin. This stubborn little thing…it just sits on top of you skin and refuses to absorb at all..annoying !!!
  • I dont know what other eye creams do, but this did pretty much nothing with under eye circles or puffiness.
  • As far as fine lines are concerned, the reason i even have lines is because of dryness so any kind of cream always seems to diminish the appearance, and this did that. But its  not like it worked some kind of magic, i could have got by with moisturizer
Overall Verdict : 3 / 5

Price: Rs 650/- (I think)

Will I repurchase: Not likely

Recommendation: The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye cream is a super moisturizing and light eye cream . The problem is that it just doesnt absorb into the skin, and  does not have any significant sort of an effect on dark circles, puffiness etc..but then i doubt how many creams actually do!

PS: The eye opening experience was not to use inky pinky ponky for important decisions. Next time, i am going to do my research! The Body Shop SA wont know what hit her. Hmph.

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