Recently the ‘sister’ became obsessed (I mean..OBSESSED!) with finding the perfect ‘Purply Pink’ lipgloss.  She went to MAC, the SA showed her 10 colors…she scrrunched her nose and said “No..these are ‘pinkly purple’..i want ‘purply pink'”. While the SA looked at her like she was half mad she continued her hunt for the elusive ‘Double P- Purply Pink’ Lipgloss. 

She saw a Maybelline one called Voluptious grape and went on a  mad goose chase around the city to find it, but i think it was discontinued or something. She wanted ‘Voluptious Grape’ so badly, i swear i wouldnt have put it past her to start offering rewards for anyone who finds it. Everytime we went shopping she would say … “This is too pink, this is too purple, this is just purple, this is just pink, this is pinkly purple, this is purply lavender” . She would put her bbm status messages as ‘Purply Pink’ ….it was driving me insane!!!!!!

And then finally the madness ended because she got herself the Chambor lipgloss in 610 ..which according to her was the perfect ‘Purply Pink’ or Double P Lip Gloss .

The color

If you haven’t figured out from the story by now, Chambor 610 is a Purply Pink lip gloss! (You dont say!) It is such a great color because the plum undertone in it makes it a very wearable pink for a variety of skintones..from the palest to the darkest can carry it off with ease. My cousins are my guinea pigs and between the three of us we cover all the skin tones, and this is a definite hit with all of us!

The texture
As far as texture is concerned, this is an almost opaque gloss, kind of like how MAC Cremesheen glosses are. The color payoff is just brilliant, i want to throw away my lipsticks and just put this on instead ! It is also a non sticky formula so those who have a pet peeve against  stickiness will enjoy it. The coconut scent is quite pleasant and the doe foot applicator is a nice size to make for controlled and neat application. 

One downside of it not being sticky is that it does not last very long- you will see that it will fade by hour three.Also the creaminess makes it bleed sometimes, which you might want to be careful of.

Overall Verdict :4.25/5 or A
Price: Rs 550/-

Will I repurchase: I want another shade for sure!

Recommendation: I found the Chambor Glitzy Gloss to be non sticky, opaque and comfortable to wear on my lips with  awesome  color payoff. The coconut scent in it is pleasant, and it looks great either worn on its own or over a lipstick. It does not last very long though, that pretty much being its only major downside! With respect to this particular color, its one that is very wearable for a range of skintones.

PS: I realise now that a part of the title sounds almost like bra sizes. Apologies.

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