How cute is the name rose bustier for a lipstick?  ‘Honey, can you pass me my rose bustier’, ‘I carry my rose bustier everywhere, in my bag’ , ‘My rose bustier is so weightless and pretty’ ! You get the point. I like the name. Its cute.  Add to that a beautiful  glass blue case, with a silver knob, just like their perfume bottles, and you have got a very pretty little accessory to flaunt. These are the old packaging ones though, i think these have changed into all silver cases…

The Color

Rose bustier by Dior is a soft coral pink color that reminds me so much of MAC See Sheer, except this is slightly pinker, and MAC has more of a peachy orange undertone. It has these unnoticeable glimmering gold reflects in it, which are completely invisible on the lips,  they only give it a wet, juicy quality.

It is not the most pigmented lipstick, the swatch you see below is swiped 3-4 times and it is still not opaque. Major pain point- given that this costs as much as it does.

The finish , Texture and Lasting Ability
This is what sets this lipstick apart. It gives you a glossy, wet look n your lips, like they have been drenched in something yummy, and it tends to hug your lips and give a very polished overall finish. It is also extremely lightweight, and hydrating on the lips. It does not last very long though , 3 hours is all i can get off this.
Love the finish!

Notice how discoloration of my upper lip can be seen
Overall Verdict: 3/5 or B
Will i repurchase: No, i dont think so.

Price: Around  Rs 1400- 1500/-

Recommendation: Dior Addict  Lipstick in ‘Rose Bustier’ is a beautiful pinky coral which will look good on both cool and warm skintones. The finish is absolutely gorgeous- like a wet drenched look, it just hugs your lips and it is very hydrating.  Pain Point- It is not really very pigmented, those with  pigmented lips will definitely not find this anything special, and this doesnt last a long time either. It all comes down to being a value for money thing in the end, and i find the price too high for what it delivers.

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