Take a look at the excel sheets below, and you will realise what i have gone through in compiling this list. Sigh. Its good that i can work with excels in my sleep (since that is what most of my work entails), otherwise compiling this would have driven my crazy!!!!

Anyway, SO….a few stats
  • There were a total of 191 people who entered
  • There were a total of 582 entries
  • That makes exactly an average of 4 entries per person (Thank youuuu guysss!!!!)

So i went to the trusted Mr. Random.org, and told him to pull our to a number from his sorting hat. And he came up with…# 57!!
Who is # 57??
It is….Aparajita !!!!
Congrats Aprajita, i shall e-mail you soon informing me about your win!

Click for bigger picture

Click for bigger picture

* The  blank cell 340 also has elena’s name on it..somehow it got erased when i was taking screenshots.

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