Okay, so this is THE weekend  for  shopping in Delhi. Why you ask? Tommorow is Super Saturday- Vero Moda, Only and Jack Jones are on a FLAT 60% off on everything for a day, and Mango has a flat 50% off on everything in store starting today (I already got my stash- whoopie!). Well, what better than to go with a green and blue peacock inspired eye makeup look for your little shopping excursion. Maybe if you get into a snatching fight with another girl, you can just stare at her intently and bat your eyelid hysterically. She will think you are turning into a feathered bird and run away …or..not. 
Final Look

Final Look

You Will Need

  • A Blue  and a Green Eye Pencil (Optional) : I am using Lakme Shadow Artist Sticks
  • A Blue Eyeshadow: I am using ‘Bossy Bobbi’ from theBalm Shady Lady Palette
  • An Emerald Green Eyeshadow: I am using a green from Nyx ‘For Brown Eyes Palette’
  • A Light Green Eyeshadow: I am using ‘Makeout Mary’ from theBalm Shady Lady Palette
  • A beigey gold eyeshadow: I am using a neutral from Nyx ‘For Brown Eyes Palette’
  • Liner , Mascara : Maybelline Gel liner, Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara

Step 1: Blue Pencil as base, and Blue Eyeshadow

Step 1a.   : Locate your brown bone (hard thing below brow) and put the Blue Pencil as base there
Step 1b: Take a blue eyeshadow and place it over the blue pencil, over your brow bone
Step 2: Green Pencil as base, and Emerald Green Eyeshadow

Step 2a: Take the green eye pencil as base and put it just below the blue eye pencil, halfway down the lid
Step 2b: Take the emerald green and put it on top of the green, dont extend it all the way to the inner corner.

Step 3: Light Green Eyeshadow

Step 3: Now place the lightest green below the emerald green. Be careful not to cover your entire eye. We want the inner quarter of your eye lid to be empty

Step 4: Neutral Eyeshadow

Step  4: 
  • Cover the empty areas of your eye (the inner part) with the neutral eyeshadow, and if possible highlight your inner corner with a gold eyepencil/ eyeshadow
  • Blend the blue outwards. Do NOT blend the other colors or touch them- they will get all muddy. If they are looking too unblended then very softly go over them just once. For the blue- place your brush on the outer edge of blue and blend it outwards towards your eyebrow

Step 5: Liner and Mascara

Step 5:Put black eyeliner on top lid, and blue eye pencil on bottom lid (I also put some green eyeshadow to liner along with blue on the bottom lid, just below it). 

You are now a mermaid / peacock / girl with green and blue eye makeup..yay!

Step 6: Go shoppinggggg !!!

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