Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that India is currently under the UFO invasion of ‘Hautelook’ type of members only ‘flash-sale’ websites. There is fashion and you, brandmile and about a dozen others. Well, one of the newer ones to join the whole shebang is VogueMagnet.com, and i tested it out !

Why is Vogue Magnet different?
Vogue Magnet’s USP lies in providing high end brands. You wont find regular everyday brands here, we are talking big designer labels at discounted prices. They easily have some of the most impressive list of brands selling on their website
What  i bought, Delivery Times &Shipping
I bought 2 things- A black and white Calvin Klein Wrap, which i am totally obsessed with !! I cant wait to wear this when the weather gets a little nippy. I also bought a pair of bronzey, yellow sandals from Guess. Delivery took about two weeks time (though mine was an off-case, they usually have 72 hour delivery), and they do have a cash on delivery option, along with free shipping.

My Calvin Klein Wrap

As you can see, i do have a broad belt other than my favourite white one which i wear in every single outfit post..lol! But seriously, this thing feels so luxurious when you slip into it, it has the softest fabric and falls really well. I cant wait for winters to come so i can flaunt it about!

My Guess Sandals

The Guess Sandals called ‘Bronze Dakota Sandals ‘ on the website are actually yellow gold in real life. They are more yellow then i thought they wuld be, but i love the silhouette(do shoes have silhouettes?) ..i mean i love the style, the cut on my foot..the stones wrap around the ankle like an ankle cuff and then a thin life goes down the entire foot

You should check out Vogue Magnet if:

  • You are a high end brand girl. I am talking Calvin Klein, D & G, Gucci, Juicy Couture….the big names
  • You like free shipping (Who doesn’t). So if you want something for like 200 bux, you dont have to pay 100 bux extra of shipping on it. Plus Cash on Delivery is always welcome
  • Great Customer Service-they will definitely answer your calls, e-mails and all sorts of queries.
  • You want to buy men’s wear. They have A LOT of variety in men’s wear. Nice to check out to gift to your significant other.
  • You like big discounts. These are not 20-30% off sales usually…they range from 40-70% off. The stuff is expensive still, since its designer wear…but i think getting a CK wrap for Rs 1500/- (originally costing Rs 4000/-) is quite a deal no?
You might be a little dissapointed with:
  • Variety. Since they are new, they dont add like 4 sales everyday like Fashion and You does. The sales are limited and with select pieces. So you do have to sit and wait for something interesting to come up that catches your eye, which may take a while. It is generally a sale or two a day.

If you think, you want a piece of the Vogue Magnet action, then check it out at www.voguemagnet.com

PS: I was provided a voucher to shop at Vogue Magnet, for purposes of review on this blog. No, i dont sell out my opinions to free vouchers okay.Hmph.

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