When you hit the M&S Store next, don’t just stop by at the lingerie and the basics section (I know you guys love those), but take a bit of a  detour and right near the cash counter, staring at you with incredibly tempting packaging will be a host of beauty goodies. These damn stores who place their products right near the checkout counter- its just criminal i tell you. How is a girl supposed to resist tiny little things on checkout. Sigh. Store Planners are just evil.

Marks & Spencer Cherry Lip Balm

Super Adorable tub. Check.

Bright Fuschia Color with Shine. Check
Moisture. Check
Yummilicous smell. Check

Verdict: 5/5
Super yummy, with just a slight hint of pink..this is my new favourite summer lip balm!
Price: Rs 250/-

Marks and Spencer Sheer Blush Perfume

Sheer Blush is a very light, delicate floral scent which is perfect for summer. I love the fact that these are portable enough to carry into smaller purses , they are so handy to have around! The downside- they dont last long ..2 -3 hours is the max you will get from these little bottles.

Verdict: 3.5/5
I love the selection of fragrances, and i love the size- perfect to stash in your bag. They really do need to work on their lasting power  though!
Price: Rs 595/-

Cocoa Butter & Vanilla Hand & Nail Cream

There aren’t too many things i can resist about Cocoa Butter and Vanilla. The way they smell just makes me go crazy, and lets not even go to what happens if you mix a bit of honey in it! Hand and Nail Creams are kind of pointless to me honestly. I mean, what can they do that a regular moisturizer cannot? But if you are a hand and nail cream girl, you definitely will love this. 

Verdict: 4/5
Smells heavenly, and does its job!
Price:Rs 245/-

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