Remember when i told you guys about my student exchange programme to the UK when i was 16? Well, on that trip we went to Hyde Park in London to watch a play. It was a little after one in the afternoon, the seating was outdoor and the sun was beating down on us .All 15 of us girls from India whipped out our sunscreens, put on straw hats and used any kind of newspapers/ magazines to shield ourselves from the sun. In contrast, all 15 girls from UK hitched up their skirts, stretched their legs and positioned themselves directly under the sun so they could get a tan. Neither nationality could understand why the other was behaving in such a peculiar way. 

Well see, the problem is when we Indians get tanned,  we dont get that golden honey glow that the british  girls get. We (Atleast 1) ,  just get a thin grey film of dark dull patchiness if im out in the sun too long. Anyway, the sunscreen i was using at that time was a Banana Boat one which did practically nothing, and we came out of the play atleast 3 shades darker than how we went in. I wish Lakme/ Neutrogena had launched their SPF50  sunscreens at that time, it would have saved me a whole lot of work !!!

Lakme Claims:
“High Performance Sun Screen that gives complete UV protection no matter how strong the rays. SPF 50 gives 97% protection against UVB rays and PA+++ gives complete protection against UVA rays. Cucumber and lemongrass extracts moisturize the skin and make it glow even more”

Whats to like about Lakme SPF50 Sunscreen:

  • It is lightweight and not thick and greasy. This means you can put it on your face, and still put tinted moisturizer/ foundation over it without feeling heavy.Remember that SPF 50 ones are usually very thick and heavy, so compared to that this is much lighter
  • It does not make your face shiny or leave a whitish cast.
  • I am a sucker for lemongrass and cucumber in skincare. Maybe its just psychological, but i feel they impart such freshness to a product. This definitely smells really good.
  • SPF 50 means solid protection, so it definitely wont let you tan easily. I think the great thing about this sunscreen is that it gives you solid protection without being heavy. Also this time the SPF 50 
  • Even though it says ‘Meant for normal to dry skin’, i am pretty certain that oily skin tones can carry this off easily, since its so light and not very heavy.
  • The pump out nozzle is very handy to have and the yellow , white and silver packaging is fun to stash in your bag
Whats not to like about the Lakme SPF50 Sunscreen
  • You cannot skip moisturizer with this. It says for normal to dry skin, and i have dry skin but it still doesn’t moisturize my skin enough. I can see dry patches even after application, so the claims of moitsurization dont hold good, atleast for dry skin.
  • It takes some time for it to dissolve into the skin. You have to work it in, massage it a while and then its in…else it will just sit on your skin

Comparison with Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 50 Sunscreen
Price: Lakme is more expensive. Neutrogena is 150/- for 30 ml and Lakme is 350/- for 30ml.
Consistency: Lakme is thinner and more lightweight while Neutrogena is thicker and heavier
Blendability: Both need work to blend it in
Sun Protection: Neutrogena gives better sun protection. I saw a cricket match at the WC with 6 hours of sun beating down on my face. I didnt tan even one shade. Lakme gives solid protection too, just not as good as Neutrogena.
Other factors:Neutrogena makes your face slightly shiny after you put it on, Lakme doesn’t do that.
Moisture: Neutrogena is more moisturizing.

Neutrogena or Lakme?
For everyday wear its Lakme since its light weight, but for days when i need foolproof sun protection- nothing can beat Neutrogena!

Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-
 (Please take skin care product reviews with a pinch of salt. What works for me may not work for you)

Price: Rs 350 for 30 ml (The wierd thing is that the 50 ml version is priced at 250??!!!)

Will I repurchase: Probably. I want a high SPF for everyday wear, and one thats lightweight. 

Recommendation: Lakme SPF50 Cucumber and Lemongrass sunscreen is a lightweight sunscreen .(I say lightweight given that its SPF will be thicker than an SPF 30 one, but much more lightweight than other SPF 50’s) with high sun protection. It definitely should suit skintypes like mine-dry/ combination. However, it does not moisturize dry skin as it claims to do, and it does require some work to blend  it in, otherwise it just sits on top of your skin with white patches.

DISCLAIMER: Product sent by PR for consideration

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