They say a key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. “The boy ” often makes fun of me saying that they should replace man with Mehak since the key to my heart is through my stomach too, cos i am such a foodie!! Well he is only partly  correct, because there are 3-4 keys to my heart…one of them is funky jewellery, just like the ‘key rhinestone necklace’ below.

Who/What is CLassy Fabulous
If you are a regular in the blogging circuit then you would know that she is a super fun fashion blogger who blogs at ….She loves bright nail polish, high heels, Y U NO tweets, Shopping, and funky jewellery and  now she herself has started a tiny little shop to share her passion for accessories. Currently , she has only three styles of trinkets but she is just starting off.  If all goes well she will get some more, she has some fun shoes too! You can see the shop here-

About the necklace
With great difficulty i resisted both the rings in her shop and got the rhinestone key necklace instead. (I own far too many rings that i just dont wear). I love the rhinestones on the heart and the whole key pendant its totally adorable. Its also just the right size of key…i like my pendants to be big!!  I wish it were on a silver chain instead of a black thread, i just prefer the look of silver on silver rather than black on silver but in a way its good because i can adjust the length myself with the black thread. I think i will include this in my outfit post soon, so you people can see the length. Its acually really long, it falls just about where my navel is.

The package it came in- the first time the package came , the stupid courier guys refuse to pack it in bubble wrap and it broke. But she very sweetly replaced it with a new one immediately! There is also a small Classy & Fabulous card inside the package with three ballerina’s made on it. Hehe..its quite cute!

Price: Rs 370/-
Where to buy it:

Some other stuff in her blog shop

Disclaimer: Product sent by PR  Blogger for review. Just because she and me  both like ‘Y U NO Tweets’ does not mean i am going to sing false praises. No No.

PS: I am obsessed with the millenium trilogy from Stieg Larson. I finished the girl with the dragon tattoo , now i am onto girl who played with fire. Awesome stuff.

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