My attitude towards most fruit is somewhat like this. To me, they are just colorful wobbly shapes of different sizes lying on the dining table. Sometimes they make their way into my mouth, when someone has cut/ peeled them for me, but for the most part they are largely ignored . Obviously there are a few exceptions like kiwi, and mango but thats a different story
It’s  ironic then, that i am always drawn towards skin care with fruit extracts in them, for example- this lotus herbals skin polisher which claims to have real pomegranate and plum!

So What is a Skin Polisher?
Its a marketing executives version of a ‘scrub’

Oh. Okay, So whats different about this one?
Apart from the fact that it contains real friuit, it also claims to be an anti ageing product..resulting in reduced fine lines and a youthful appearance.

What does Lotus Say it does?

This skin polisher therapeutically exfoliates and cleanses the skin of toxins and other impurities while protecting against environmental pollutants. Suitable for all skin types, its deep detoxification re-energizes the skin, reduces fine lines and offers wrinkle protection. Now regenerate your skin to a new level of vitality for a more youthful, healthy and radiant appearance, all day long.

My View 

As a Scrub
The Lotus Herbal Skin Polisher works nicely as a scrub, and smells quite yummy! (Though it is definitely an acquired smell, you have to get used to it, i know many would not like the way it smells). I think it is the perfect level of abrasiveness for a scrub- the granules are strong enough to exfoliate but mild enough to not cause scratches.It definitely is refreshing, if that is what they mean by ‘energizing’ . The downside to it is that it leaves my skin feeling a tad dry and tight , which is not something i like! It is also not one of those scrubs that will magically make your blackheads dissapear(but then which scrub does?)

The Packaging
 I am a bit split on the packaging – on one hand there is some kind of rustic feel to scooping out the product with your fingers, yet on the other hand you kind of wish for a squeezy tube which would make application easier! It can get really messy to dip your fingers in and then spread it on your hand.

Anti Ageing?
I can obviously not comment on the anti ageing or anti wrinkle properties considering i dont really have wrinkles (Thank you god, im only 24..please delay them as much as you can!). 

Overall Verdict : 3.5/5  or B+
Price: Rs 155 for 50 gms

Would I repurchase: Maybe

The Skin Polisher works  well as a scrub, bringing just the  right amount of gentleness and abrasiveness, and leaving the skin feeling refreshed.  Though i cant comment on its anti ageing claims, i can definitely comment on the fact that it is an acquired smell, which i happen to really like,  and  also that it cleanses your face leaving it squeaky clean. My only complaint with this one is that it leaves my skin feeling a tad dry and tight, which you may want to watch out for, specially if you already have dry skin like me!

DISCLAIMER: Product sent by PR for review. I put my hand on the beauty bible (This Blog) and swear i will say the truth and nothing but the truth :p

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