Its unbelievable how even the super smart (and super cute) boys, are totally incompetent when it comes to colors. Case in point- the cute and super smart boy in my life, who thinks ‘Coral’ means ‘Green’. Errmm….NO Honey, just because we say ‘coral reef’ and it has plants and stuff in it, does NOT mean coral is green! And no, the MAC Pigments below are not rangoli colors like you said either. Damnit i spent a fortune on them hmph. 

Mac Golden Olive Pigment is a soft  Olive green with gold reflects. It is the kind of muted green that, even if you are just a neutral eyeshadow girl, would love…because it adds soft color to any look without being out there.

Mac Melon Pigment looks like a peachy gold  melon color in the pot, but goes on a gorgeous bright gold. My favourite kind of gold- not too yellowy, and not too bronze, its the perfect gold that can be carried off by warm and cool tones 

How to use MAC Pigments
If you are new to MAC Pigments, then they are basically highly concentrated powders that can be used in a variety of ways. Mostly you can use them as dry eyeshadows, my favourite ways to wear them is to make them wet (they give a metallic effect when wet and become extremely pigmented) and use them as a base for an eyeshadow for an extra punch. You can also mix them with clear nailpolish and turn your polish into the color of your choice. Some people take matt gold pigments and mix them with their foundation for an overall sheen. So basically, these are multitasking makeup products

 For first timers, dont go around dipping your brush into the pots. There is so much concentrated powder in there that there might be a mess in no time. Make sure to take a bit of pigment out, and them dip them in.

My Swatches are absolutely terrible…They reflected so much light that the color intensity couldn’t be shown.

Texture and Pigmentation
Both of these pigments are super smooth and silky to apply, with rich, vivid color payoff in a stroke. They are also two pigments that work really well with each other- Melon in the inner corners and Golden Olive in the outer one , for a quick green and golden look. 
I am not a seasoned pigment girl yet, so i dont think i review these….but as of now i am loving all the range of things that can be done with this. They are by far the most pigmented kind of eyeshadows i have tried, and they are actually quite easy to work with once you get over your initial inertia.

Have you tried MAC Pigments Yet? Which one is your favourite?

PS: Talking about boys who are colorblind. I once sent a picture of two shoes to the boy- one turquoise and one purple asking him to choose which is nicer. He replied saying ‘the gold one’. Err….still figuring that one out!!!

Price: Rs 1250/-

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