They say that this little pan of prettiness is the closest thing to an Orgasm. Have you had one yet, what do you think?  (Nars Orgasm Blush is what i am tallking about….what did you think?) .From what i have seen online, i think i agree! Springsheen has been on my must- buy list for ages and ages, and i finally gave in to temptation and got myself one . I was looking at the wonder woman collection in the MAC store, and oh my god i almost got scared by the sizes of the blushes there. They were almost as big as my face, im not joking! So yeah, i decided to give the blush giants a miss and go with Springsheen..

MAC Springsheen- The Color
Springsheen is a soft peachy  pink with very subtle gold reflects in it and a coral undertone. You know my love for Peach Blushes, and Springsheen was right up my alley! If you are someone who is into blushes with a coral or peach undertone, you will absolutely love Springsheen. From swatches online, i think this is softer than Nars Orgasm, but i want both of them anyway :p . I do think that the color is too soft to show up on much darker skin tones,  but light to medium skin tones can carry it off really well. One way in which it can be made to work for dark skintones is to layer this on top of another  blush, the effect is totally stunning!
MAC’s Sheertone Shimmer Blushes 
Sheertones from MAC , like the name suggests are slightly on the softer, sheerer side and can be built up for higher pigmentation. I actually really like this quality about them, it makes it easier for novices to apply blush without looking like a clown, and makes for controlled application. Sheertone Shimmers are absolutely gorgeous and one of my favourite MAC Blush finishes because of those subtle reflects in them which make for a very dewy cheek! One issue with them, atleast for me is that they fade very quickly and springsheen in particular does!
The Color from Close
Overall Verdict:  4/5

Will i Repurchase: Yup!

Price: Rs 1050/-

Overall Verdict: Springsheen is an absolutely stunning blush from MAC and one that all you girly girls who love peach, pink or coral  will love. The subtle gold shimmer just adds to the pretty, and the package is absolutely gorgeous for fair to medium skin tones. If you are an extremely dark skin tone, then you may want to see whether this  shows up on you or not, but for me its one of MAC’s Best Blushes ever! I do wish this lasted longer on fades way to quickly

PS: If you have seen the MAC Wonder Woman Collection, what do you think about it? I just found the whole oversized blushes and MSF’s totally freaking out! Plus paying extra money for something that even my grandkids wont be able to finish is not something i want to invest my money in!

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